January 02, 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes

Blank Canvas Cosmetics have been on most Irish beauty bloggers' radar for quite a while now; we have mentioned them on here before, but I thought a full post on them was well overdue.

The Pro Deluxe F16* (largest black brush pictured) is a lovely, massive brush that can be used for powder, bronzer, blush or contour. I was surprised with how much I liked this considering the size of it, but it's nicely tapered so you can use it quite easily to apply cheek colours. It blends powder products really well and hasn't shed at all yet -  I'd say I've washed this about 3-4 times since receiving it.

The F20 Flat Buffer Brush* (hot pink handle) has fast become one of my favourite foundation brushes ever - it's in the top three for me, along with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Expert Face Brush. The bristles of this one are very soft and not too densely packed, meaning you get a lot more movement and flexibility with this than you would in comparison to something like the Sigma F80. It blends everything in extremely well without compromising on coverage, which is a problem I often have with denser brushes than this.

The F22 HD Dome Face Brush* (purple handle) winged its way to me as part of a new Irish beauty box, Powder Pocket. You can check out my Instagram picture here if you don't mind spoilers, but suffice to say it was the first beauty box to impress me for a very long time, and it was worth paying for the box for the brush alone as it was actually cheaper than the brush's normal retail price. This is a denser brush but, the bristles are perfectly rounded meaning that you get a perfectly blended finish - I find this fantastic for lighter, more liquid-y foundations in particular.

L-R: Pro Deluxe F16, F22, F20, Pro Deluxe F15

The Pro Deluxe F15* (red bristles), is a nicely tapered little brush for contouring and highlighting - I love using this to contour with MAC's Harmony blusher, and find that it blends out the powder really well despite its small size. I also use this the odd time to apply highlighter as the brush is the perfect size to dust along the tops of my cheeks and up towards my temples - this is a really great multi-purpose brush. It's easy to use and made contouring far easier for me.

To sum up, I've been really impressed with the quality of these brushes, and all of them retail for under €20. When I was first introduced to BCC I thought that it would be similar, if not identical, to the likes of Crown Brush where the quality is hit and miss, but each one of these brushes is genuinely great. They are lasting very well through washes (apart from the text on the handles), and I find myself reaching for at least a couple of them on a daily basis.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes are available at


  1. I've only tried one of their brushes and it fell apart. But everyone seems to love them so I might pick up Pro Deluxe F16 as I've had my eye on that brush for a while x

  2. I think I have that pink one in my stash to try, going to try find it now! They sound great

  3. Do you think the pro deluxe f16 would be a good dupe for macs 138 tapered face brush ? I wanted to get the 138 but it's a bit expensive just after Christmas.

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