January 14, 2014

A Dupe for After School Boy Blazer

Makeup "dupes" are such a throwback, aren't they?! Back in the day, a huge amount of online beauty chat was made up of our best efforts to source similar, cheaper versions of our favourite make-up and nail polish. A lot of the time, I have found that the original is usually best - the colour might be the same, but the formula of the original will remain superior. In this case, I feel like I've found two polishes that are pretty on-par both in terms of colour and shade - which doesn't happen all that often.

Essie's After School Boy Blazer is one of the most coveted colours of this Autumn/Winter, and from the first time I wore it, it wasn't hard to understand why. I very rarely apply and then re-apply a nail polish, but I have multiple times with this one. It's effortless and the super-dark navy is a great alternative to a flat black.

Everyone went mad for this when it came out - it sold out of a lot of Boots stores and I'm not entirely sure if they're still selling it now. Happily, I feel like Rhythm & Blues from the excellent Rimmel Salon Pro line is a dead ringer for After School Boy Blazer.. These Salon Pro polishes are some of my favourite polishes ever - you can see a full post on them here - but suffice to say that they are really long-lasting and sometimes far better than Essie.

L: Essie After School Boy Blazer. R: Rimmel Rhythm & Blues.

I feel like the Rimmel formula is actually slower to chip on my nails. It's also cheaper (Essie is €9.99, and the Rimmel polishes are a slightly more pocket-friendly €6.45). On my nail wheel,  you might notice that the Essie is slightly more pigmented, but there isn't a discernible difference on my own nails. Both of these are great polishes, but, I wouldn't urge you to hunt down After School Boy Blazer when it has such a widely available, cheaper twin!


  1. Sold, picking this Rimmel version up today :)

  2. Was only saying this at the Rimmel event t'other night!
    My Maw STOLE After School boy blazer but Rythym & Blues is just about as close a dupe as you can get.
    Those Rimmel Salon Pros were my polishes of 2013. Heart 'em muchly.


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