December 03, 2013

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set

At the risk of sounding rather dramatic, I think that the Real Techniques brushes were a total game-changer when they were first released and have made affordable, good quality make-up brushes much more of a reality than previously. I own pretty much all of the Real Techniques brushes at this stage, including the limited edition Duo-Fibre set, and use many of them daily - I'd say there are definitely more Real Techniques than MAC brushes involved in my daily routine but I still rely on mostly MAC for the purpose of blending eyeshadow. 

The Sam's Picks Set* is a new release for Christmas; Cloud10Beauty have the Irish exclusive on this so, as far as I know, you won't be able to get this in Boots. It consists of a fairly solid line-up or 'best of' collection of brushes for applying powder, foundation, eyeshadow, concealer and eyeliner. I'm going to run through all of the brushes in the set but I won't go any further before telling you that this is a great deal for €34.99 - had I not been sent it, I most likely would have purchased it at some stage to bulk up my collection of brushes!

The Multi-Task Brush is probably my favourite out of all the Real Techniques brushes for powder; I always keep one in my make-up bag as it's not too big or bulky and, incidentally, is a fantastic multi-tasker for applying both powder and blush. It also has the perfect density for powder touch-ups as it doesn't apply product too heavily to the face. One of my all-time favourites - I also used this a lot for cream blush during the summer!

The Setting Brush is, I think, meant for setting small parts of the face such as the undereye area with powder - that's not something I do regularly but I do use this all the time to apply and blend liquid concealer to under my eyes. It leaves my concealer looking perfect and well-dispersed - no complaints, really!

The Buffing Brush is... well, do I need to tell you? It's probably the only foundation brush you will ever need. I have a lot of brushes that I use to apply liquid foundation from MAC, Inglot, Crown Brush, and Sigma, but this is still The One, and I always like to make sure I have it freshly washed if I'm going out at night or getting ready for a special occasion. If you don't have this, you need it.

The Pointed Foundation Brush is, to me, probably the dud of the bunch. I had this already and hardly reached for it, apart from experimenting with it the odd time for concealer. I would much rather have seen the Contour brush in the set in place of this one as it's one I can use for contouring, highlighting and undereye concealing!

On to the last two; the Essential Crease Brush is the only brush that is new and exclusive to this set. I've said before that I don't rely much on the Real Techniques brushes for blending eyeshadow, but I got along just fine with this one! I've been using it to place and blend colour in the crease, and also the odd time to highlight my brow bone. A great little brush!

Finally, the Fine Liner Makeup Brush; another one I had never used before. I thought this might be a little thick for creating a winged liner look, but actually, it was very easy to use and also to clean - I usually use tiny Daler-Rowney paintbrushes for this job and they can be hard to get clean!

So, my conclusion should be obvious to most of you - this is a great little set - even if you only use half of the brushes, it's still good value in my book, and would make a great Christmas gift for pretty much any female in your life that wears make-up. I love the Buffing Brush so much that I'd pay €34.50 for that alone, so this is a great deal!


  1. Really good value for 6 brushes! I love the RT brushes, some of my favourites x

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  3. On a quest to buy these, sold out on Cloud 10 beauty but great to know they have it exclusive.Think i'll try Feel unique. really enjoying your reviews x


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