December 11, 2013

L'Oréal #TXT

When it comes to hair and haircare, I am such a noob. I really have no concept of what's good or bad and often shy away from finding new products because of this. However, one hair "thing" I know I do like are products that give my normally straight, flat hair texture and height. So, when this nifty duo arrived from L'Oréal I was super excited as they tick both of those boxes. 

#TXT is a new line of products for men and women from L'Oréal featuring putties, clays, pastes, waxes and sprays. The purpose of the line is to bring trends to your tresses with easy-to-apply, flexible, mega-hold products. The two products I was sent to try are the Volume Supersizing Spray* (RRP €5.99) and the Wave Creating Spray* (RRP €5.99); perfect for big, beachy, full hair. 

First up is the Wave Creating Spray. This product is akin to the cult favourite Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray which I have mixed feelings about. L'Oréal's version addresses one of my main issues with the B&B in that it is specially formulated for straight hair. It is a heat-activated product that gives straight hair loose waves with the blast of a hairdryer and some strategic twisting and scrunching. I have tried this twice and liked the results but, I feel it is something I will reach more for in summertime.

Volumising sprays are having a moment with the like of Oribe Dry Texturising Spray topping the beauty charts. L'Oréal's alternative, Volume Supersizing Spray, is significantly cheaper and gives instant back-combed volume without the need for a brush. The formula of this spray leaves hair with a matte finish which is something special as there is no sticky, crunchy texture to content with.

I've been reaching for the Volume Supersizing Spray quite regularly and love it every time and I will try and get a post up soon showing a before and after of my hair and, I say try because, even though this is my favourite time of year, it's the worst as a blogger because there is never any light for pictures when we get home in the evenings!!


  1. Oh I'm intrigued on the volume spray! My hair is super flat.

  2. Oh these sounds great, love volumising hair care products :)

  3. I heard really good things about this! Need to get the volume spray, I love big hair!

  4. That volume spray shall be mine! Especially if it's a dupe for the Oribe spray I've heard so much about but cannot justify forking out the euros for. Yaay! :)

    Fee XxX


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