December 19, 2013

Chanel Ombres Matelassées - Charming Eyeshadow Palette

I've been going absolutely nuts for eyeshadow over the last few months. I think maybe I'm compensating in some way because for years, I barely wore the stuff and just stuck to flicked-out liquid liner. Now, I definitely have an extensive selection of eyeshadow but when I saw pictures of this palette, I just found it far too difficult to pass up.

I am a fan of Chanel eyeshadows after trying this gorgeous palette last year, but, the texture is a little strange and takes some getting used to. They don't always swatch strongly on your arm, but 9/10 times in my experience they look far, far better on the eyelids than they did on the arm. This palette is, to me, a Naked Palette for grown-ups. It's a very refined and well-thought-out edit of shades - no surprises, then, that Lisa Eldridge seems to have had a major role in its creation. Rachel alluded to this in her video about the palette, and also said that these slightly dull browns were right up Eldridge's street but didn't quite work for her, leaving her dark brown eyes looking a bit weary and tired. I was pretty worried when I saw that as I value Rachel's opinions on make-up a lot, but once I swatched the colours on myself, I was confident enough that they'd be fine with my blue eyes.

I have my brother's arm to thank for the above swatches - I comandeered his after I ran out of room on my own. Siblings are very useful, aren't they!? So back to the eyeshadows - I have to say, I was suckered in by this palette in a big way but I do think it was worth it. It's such a nice, grown-up array of shades - perfect for teaming with a red lip which is what I wear 90% of the time - and it's very travel-friendly, too.

As I've already mentioned, Chanel eyeshadows are a little different to the likes of MAC, but they're still a joy to work with. Below is a really simple 3-minute eye I created with the lighter shades in the palette - it's equally easy to create something really smokey and dramatic with it as well. If you're a Chanel fan or just a big neutral eye lover, this is one of the nicest small palettes I've seen in a very long time!


  1. Ah janey, isn't your bro very good modelling for you.. I own no Chanel palettes but I think if I was getting one I'd veer towards this one, it seems safe enough

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  3. oops, made a little error in my last comment. anyway, thank you for posting this palette, i've been looking for a nice neutral brown palette.


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