November 19, 2013

The Clarisonic Mia 2: Review & Thoughts (Oily/Acne-Prone Skin)

The Clarisonic has become a cult beauty item over the last few years, especially online. It's become such a must-have for so many people I follow that I'd always been curious about it and if it'd do anything for my skin, but, if I'm honest. the price and mixed reviews from people with my skin type made me put it on the back burner. I was sent the Clarisonic Mia 2 back in September and have been trialling it carefully since.

What follows are my honest thoughts on it in relation to my skin type - which is dehydrated, oily and prone to hormonal acne (fun!). This is an expensive gadget - I was lucky to receive it as a sample and wanted to give as detailed a review as possible for you guys! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.
The (Basic) Tech Stuff

So, if you didn't know, the Clarisonic is basically an electronic toothbrush for your face. It works with sonic technnology and claims to cleanse six times better than traditional methods, in sixty seconds. The Mia 2 has two speed settings, is fairly compact and comes with a nifty magnetic charger. The battery life on this is great - I've had mine since September and can only remember having to charge it maybe two or three times so far. It is fairly travel-friendly and light but I don't think I'd bring mine away unless I was going somewhere for a fortnight or so.

How I Use It

I won't lie - the first time I used this I was just blown away by how soft, smooth and clean my skin both looked and felt.. For a skincare addict, this is pure, unrefined crack and it's easy to get carried away and use it a bit too often. I kind of had to remind myself that this is an exfoliating tool and shouldn't be used at every given opportunity - my skin couldn't take it, especially during breakouts.

On that subject, breakouts were actually my main concern when it came to the Clarisonic, and what had made me refrain from purchasing one myself. I'd read a lot of mixed reviews and opinions online from people who get similar breakouts to me - cystic/hormonal acne with spots that begin quite deep under the skin. Some were of the opinion that the Clarisonic was simply too harsh and only served to aggravate and prolong their breakouts. I did get a bit of "purging" around my nose when I initially started using it, but that was definitely just from blocked pores as it was mostly along the sides of my nose (gorge). I have refrained from using it if I have more than a couple of angry spots, and that seems to have done the trick and stopped them from becoming any more inflamed.

After a bit of trial and error, I have found that what works for me is to use this once every day or two. If you don't have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you probably could use it every day but this is what works for me. If I leave it longer than two days, I definitely miss it and crave a good cleanse! Overall, I I try to be logical; if I use a deep cleansing face mask, I'll usually skip out on the Clarisonic that day as I feel like that's enough action for my skin for one day, and washing off a clay mask is quite exfoliating anyway.

I like to remove my make-up first with an oil or balm cleanser, and then get stuck in with the Clarisonic and a good foaming cleanser. These have kind of become a bit of a no-no in the skincare world, but I've gotten back into them recently and my skin is quite good at the moment so I'm happy! I started off by finishing up a bottle of La Roche Posay's Physiological Foaming Water*, which is very gentle and great for sensitive skin. Right now I am alternating between Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser (adore it), and REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Ge* (nice but overpriced - I preferred the La Roche-Posay one and it's cheaper). How's that for a speed review of three cleansers?! If you don't like foaming cleansers, I know that Sinéad loves to use the La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel with her Clarisonic - I'll be trying that combination myself once I run out of one of these.

Final thoughts?

This has not cured my hormonal acne, but I didn't expect it to, and I'm still delighted with the results overall. It has done wonders for my other huge skin bugbear - the large pores around my cheeks are now a lot smaller and less noticeable, which is something I never thought would happen. My skin appears smoother, clearer and fresher overall and the deep cleanse I get from this means that I am far less likely to break out from not washing my face properly. I do recommend this if you are looking to do the very best you can for your skin; it's a brilliant investment and, although you do have to replace the brush heads, you'll never have to buy a manual exfoliator again.

If you're interested in reading more reviews, Sinéad has posted about her experiences with the Clarisonic hereAs our skin types are quite opposite, hopefully all of these posts together make for an informed choice if any of you are thinking of investing!

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is €149 here.


  1. Great review, I was talking to a dermatologist about this and she said a couple of times a week is enough to use one. I got a philips sonic brush( which was still quite expensive) but I rarely use it. Im tempted to put it in the Christmas list xxx

  2. I'm just past the one week mark using my Clarisonic and I'm definitely in the midst of a purge period! That said, it's nothing a bit of concealer and blemish treatment won't sort out. What I've found is that my blemishes are coming up in areas that have been prone to congestion for a year or so and clearing up much quicker than usual (days as opposed to weeks) and then the skin remaining is clear, no visible pores and doesn't look likely to re-offend. Overall it's how smooth my skin is that I'm impressed with so far! No little bumps under my skin which were the bane of my existence.

    Although, I'm using mine morning and night ... is it possible that's too often?

    1. I would suspect it is - maybe take it down to just once a day and see how you get on! X

  3. I only use mine once a day. Although it is not a clarisonic, it is a cheaper version. I was also a little skeptic about it as I had a tendency to breakout. However I love it!! I changed the products I was using to and I noticed my skin clearing in a week and so far so good, I have had only very minor breakouts during my period.

    I only use it once a day though. I am like you and think twice a day would just aggravate my skin too much.


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