November 20, 2013

Splurge/Save: Multitasking Eye Creams

I feel like eye creams are an often overlooked area of our skincare routines. It seems, based on what I have seen on blogs and YouTube videos, that people only start worrying about eye care when they already have wrinkles, puffiness, darkness etc which is probably a bit redundant as no topical cream will ever reverse the signs of ageing skin. I'm guilty of this kind of neglect myself, even though I firmly believe in preventative aging. I usually make a conscious decision to use one, do really well for a couple of weeks and then somehow, mysteriously, forget.

However, over the past few months I have been using two consistently and have noticed such a huge difference in the condition of my eye area. Interestingly, the two are at opposite ends of the price scale but, perform equally as well so, I thought they would make a perfect Splurge/Save topic in case any of you are looking to take better care of your peepers!

In the Splurge corner, weighing in at 15ml and €50.80, is Philosophy Eye Hope*. This multitasking eye cream makes light work of lines, puffiness and dark circles. Thanks to skincare superstar Hyaluronic acid, Eye Hope works from the outside in, given skin cells a moisture boost and instantly making it appear plumper, fresher and more awake.

Standing tall in the Save corner, also weighing in at 15ml (but costing a lot less at €25.25), is No7 Youthful Eye Serum*. Also packed full of Hyaluronic Acid, No7's clinically proven hypo-allergenic eye serum works to rehydrate, revitalise and brighten skin, targeting wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Millilitre for millilitre, these eye creams both do an incredible job of visibly improving the texture and appearance of the skin around the eyes. If it was a blind test, I honestly couldn't tell you which was the more expensive product. Because I like to think of myself as a wise shopper, I would advise opting for No7's pocket-friendly offering but, either way, you're going to get yourself a really solid product. Well, so long as you remember to use it, that is!


  1. Wow those prices are a little eye watering ;-)

  2. I've just got a sample of Philosophy Eye Hope and looove it to bits! Was contemplating getting the full size when I saw your post! I've decided to try out the No7 one! Thank you!

  3. I always forget about no. 7 for skincare bits. Very helpful post. I have lots of eye creams and eye cream samples lying about but I always end up neglecting them.

  4. I'm on my second bottle of the No 7 Eye Serum. It's great. I do wait and get it on the 3 for 2 promotion, or use the No 7 vouchers.

  5. I'm
    Yet to find any eye cream that does much :( do like the no 7 one. Spent €60 on the murad one and was. A waste

  6. I've used the No7 one before and I really liked it, but at the moment I'm using a Dr. Hauschka one that's about €35 and I really love it, think it's an ok compromise between €25 and €50! That's what I like to tell myself anyway!

    Emma x

  7. I'm looking for a new eye cream for night time... Heard good things about eye hope :)

  8. I brought two eye creams with me, & bought have disappeared! Need to reinvest. x

  9. wow! Interesting style. i think this product match with my eyes.

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  10. I bought the No 7 eye serum after reading this post, loving it so far!


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