November 12, 2013

PhytoDéfrisant Review

I don't blog about my hair or hair products often enough on the blog - probably because every time I do, I just sort of repeat myself. In case you don't know already (groan) my hair is extremely thick, coarse and prone to dryness if I don't look after it. It's usually quite long but I recently had a few inches off and it's the healthiest it's been in a long, long time. That said, the same problem remains (it's one that I've already had with my hair) - it's impossible to blow dry straight and just leave it as it. Unless I put it up in a bun, I have to go at it with the straightener or curler in order to make it look presentable. And I'm not just being fussy here - honestly, it just looks too frizzy and poofy otherwise, and will just get worse throughout the day.

I've tried and loved a lot of hair products over the last couple of years - I love all of the Kérastase blow-drying creams like Nectar Thermique and Ciment Thermique, and hair oils like L'Oréal Mythic Oil have also been lifesavers for my unruly hair. Nevertheless, whilst good for my hair, none of these products were actually solving my hair issues and preventing me from using excessive heat on my mane.

I'd always wanted to try something from the Phyto line and, as it's not widely available here in the Republic, picked up their Défrisant in the Belfast Space NK a couple of weeks back. Since then, it's been a fairly exclusive relationship and I'm over the moon about how well it works with my hair. This is a straightening, anti-frizz blow-dry product, which I thought would be a cream, but is actually a clear, viscous serum. I use this in my hair along with a TréSemmé heat protectant, brush it through with a Tangle Teezer, and then get to work with the blow dryer and a paddle brush. Now, my blowdrying skills are amateur at best and my hairdryer is crap too, but after about 10-15 minutes I'm left with sleek, straight and presentable hair. This has never happened before outside of a hairdresser and I'm so delighted!

I do go over with a GHD if I'm going somewhere nice, but for everyday, my hair looks fine on its own with the help of this product. The serum doesn't seem to minimise volume at all (which was the only niggle I had with the L'Oréal Liss Ultime serum), and the straightening effects last until my next wash. I will be buying this over and over again and I think a lot of you would love it too!


  1. I have dry hair too so I would really like to try that product, it sounds great! :)

  2. Sounds perfect - Either I have to let my hair dry naturally, or I have to style it after drying, which is a pain!


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