November 26, 2013

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Review

A few of you might remember seeing this product in my post about what I bought in Belfast a few weeks back. Some of you were interested in seeing a full review, so voilà! 

First up, what exactly is this?! The Sensual Skin Enhancer is billed as a multi-tasking product; one that can be used as a concealer, foundation or mixing medium with moisturiser to create a light base. Now, there are plenty of products that you could technically do the same thing with; maybe MAC's Pro Longwear concealer or Inglot's Cream Concealer but, you would run out fairly fast. The beauty of this stuff is how richly pigmented it is - you really have to swatch it and feel the texture to believe it. It is thick, but not hugely cakey and melts quite easily into the skin. The texture is definitely something I've not come across before, which is what really drew me to the product and had me wanting it for a long time. It is expensive at €36 for a small pot, but a tiny, tiny amount goes a long way with this stuff - I feel like I'd have plenty left after a full year of using it daily.

I've used this in all of the suggested ways and have found the following: it is way too thick to use as a foundation, it makes a lovely base when mixed with a moisturiser, but where this product really comes into its own is when it is used as a concealer, especially on blemishes and redness (I prefer something a little more moisturising like Clarins Instant Concealer for the undereye area). I find that this stuff works best when applied with fingers; you really need the heat from your hands to blend it in properly. It almost 'sets', so it's important to work quickly when blending, but it works and stays put quite well.

Other things I like about this? The pot - I know they are less hygienic but it stops me from using more than I need - and also the shade range. The second palest shade, SX02, is a great match for me. The only other concealer that I've found to work as well as this for blemishes would be Vichy Dermablend (in either the stick or liquid foundation formula), but their shade range isn't as good and I have to work harder to make it look good on my skin. That's not to say that the Sensual Skin Enhancer has a perfect formula, either - you need to get used to blending and tapping it on to the skin quite fast, but the shade makes up for that.

So, final thoughts? I think this is a great investment if you rely on concealer a lot and, like me, have some difficulty in finding the right shade. This has become one of my favourite concealers and I've also been using it to amp up the coverage of some of my lighter foundations - I really like being able to tweak my makeup on a bad skin day with the help of this product, and it's something that I feel I'll be relying on for quite a while!


  1. I'm so intrigued by this product, I've seen so many good reviews, I need to try it!

    Katy xx

  2. have you tried the laura mercier secret camouflage duo concealer? if so, which would you suggest between the two for covering blemishes? thanks, great review x

    1. Hiya, I haven't but I'm tempted by it!

  3. It's a weird name for a concealer isn't it! I'd expect it to be a luminous ing cream or something! Sounds like a good concealer though


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