November 05, 2013

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review

If you haven't already heard about it, meet Photoshop in a palette. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders were a massive success when they launched earlier this year (click here to read my review of Dim Light) and to keep the hype up, they've released a special edition Ambient Lighting palette for the holiday season - and of course, both Sinead and I succumbed and self-gifted.

The Ambient Lighting Palette is made up of three powders - two of Hourglass' most popular ones, Dim Light and Radiant Light, as well as the limited edition Incandescent Light. Dim Light can be used as an all over face powder/pore perfector; Radiant and Incandescent are highlighting/glowy powders, but not of the super-shimmery variety. If you find these Ambient Lighting Powders a bit confusing (I know I did when they first came out), I'd urge you to watch JoshCollierMUA's excellent video on them!

I won't go into Dim Light, but paired with the other two, this makes a nice little skin perfecting kit. Remember that MAC highlighter, Perfect Topping? Well, that's kind of what I feel these powders are - used together or separately, they finish off a make-up look like nothing I've ever used before. I will always love my full-on highlighting powders like Dior's Amber Diamond and Laura Mercier Spellbound, but the two radiance powders in this palette are both brilliant for a subtle, everyday glow. They're also foolproof to apply - you can sweep them all over the your face if you want and you still won't go wrong!

I think Radiant Light is my favourite as it's such a warm colour, but Incandescent Light is pretty special, too. You all know I love my Dim Light powder, and no, I don't regret having it again in this palette because I use it so much!. Overall, this is probably one of the best (and most usable) "holiday" palettes that I've seen so far. If you're tempted, I'd say go for it - it's one of the best high-end items I've bought in ages.


  1. Great splurge girls, I'm still trying to work our my Hourglass powder, some days it looks great other days it just looks kinda obvious on!

  2. I have this in Diffused Light, really love it... Would love to try it in more shades :)

  3. this looks incredible! maybe i'll add to my ever growing christmas list... :)

  4. This is going on the wishlist for Christmas! Don’t think I’d purchase otherwise!

  5. Agh, I want it, it looks like it would suit my paley skin perfectly.. I've heard good things about hourglass but ne'er tried!

  6. Right that's it - I'm ordering this now! Well, if I don't treat myself now and then, who else will? ;) Great review, it looks fab! Can't wait to get it now! I'm going to order off John Lewis methinks - whereabouts did you get yours? Thanks girls! :)

    Belle Morte Beauty


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