November 07, 2013

Cheap Makeup Storage Ideas

I've racked up a mental amount of makeup at this stage. I've just done a clearout and given away a lot of what I don't use, but I will always collect makeup, and like to have it stored in a somewhat organised manner. Now, most of my stuff sits on top of my desk, with the rest in a drawer. These smaller items were all incredibly cheap and brilliant for housing "most-used" items, so I thought I should share in case any of you are after something similar.

My mam was kind enough to grab the acrylic make-up tray (pictured above) for me in TK Maxx - it was only a tenner and as far as I know they still stock them from time to time. If you don't have a lot of surface room on your desk/table, I would skip this. Ideally I'd like a clearer desk but, for now I love this and it keeps everything that I use daily in easy reach.

My latest discovery in make-up storage has definitely been one of the cheapest - these ceramic dishes are only €3 from Tiger. They house MAC lipsticks perfectly, and in the other one holds my Benefit boxed blushers (one of the few items that I do really rate from the brand) and a few other random lippies. I love them! They're pretty and decorative without being overly offensive, and cost next to nothing.

So, I hope that was helpful for any of you struggling to keep your make-up in order - one day, I will own only Muji storage but for now I am delighted with these bits and bobs!


  1. I use fridge boxes that I got in Aldi!!!! Sounds bizarre but they are great and they all click in on top of each other.....the dream is a collection of muji-like acrylic storage some day!!....

  2. I love Tiger.
    Lovely storage ideas. I've recently got a new desk/dressing table so I'm on the lookout for new ideas. :)

  3. I firmly believe that I need that TK Maxx container in my life! (and on my makeup desk) I never think to look in that department when in there, which is rare in it's self. Will definitely have a look for it next time I'm there!! x

  4. I need more storage for my make-up! Its all sort of thrown in a shoe box at the moment, I definitely think I'll get the container from TK Maxx, thank you for informing me of it!


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