November 25, 2013

Brand Focus: Laura Mercier

Last month I did a post where I shared my top picks from Maybelline, a brand that was (and still is!) really impressing me. A lot of you seemed to really like that post and chimed in, sharing your favourites from the brand which I loved reading. This time, I wanted to shine the spotlight on a higher end brand that, over the last year or so, has consistently impressed me and has shot right to the top of my favourite brands. It will probably come as no surprise to many of you who read the blog frequently that the brand is Laura Mercier!

I'll get the best out of the way first; the Artist's Palette for Eyes. I won't spend too long on this as I recently posted a humongous review which you can go and read over if you are interested in buying. To cut a long story short, however, this is not only the best Laura Mercier product I own but, also, the best palette I own. Ever. At approximately €42, it won't break the bank and you get 12 decent sized, impeccable quality, perfectly toned eyeshadows. 

There are three base products that I really rate from the brand; Silk Creme Foundation, Loose Mineral Powder and Secret Camouflage. Each of these products delivers 100% and always results in a great flawless, yet natural, skin which I feel is ultimately Laura Mercier's message as a brand.

I wear the Silk Creme foundation on an almost daily basis for a flawless, longwearing face. The Loose Mineral Powder is such a beautiful product and I know so many people who rave about it. I use it as both a powder and as a foundation in its own right. The Secret Camouflage is The One when it comes to concealing blemishes entirely. It's too heavy and dry for the undereye area but, for blemishes, it cannot be topped.

For cheeks, I love the Spellbound Illuminator. This was a recommendation from Dee and she was so spot-on. It is the perfect cheek highlighter for pale girls as it is just the right mix of goldy yellowy pinky rose. It has the power to add physical radiance and life to your face and is a constant in my make-up bag. I also use it as an eyeshadow so, hey, it's multi-purpose too!

A final eye product that I recommend and love is one which I forget to feature more on the blog. Metallic Creme Eye Colour is a cream shadow that comes in a weeny paint tube and packs a big punch. I have the shade Rose Gold which is just a beautifully rich, warm shade with a lot of depth. These Eye Colours are brilliant for both a one-step, one-product eye and as an eyeshadow base.


  1. Lovely post, for some reason I never really buy from Laura Mercier but I need that eye palette!

  2. I haven't used anything from LM for a while but I totally want that palette and highlighter!

  3. Right now I have one of the LM body creams on the top of my wishlist and I certainly wouldn't say no to that palette- stunning!

  4. I don't own any Laura Mercier but I love the look of the cream eyeshadow and that palette is fab

  5. I love Laura Mercier too! That palette was not available in the Netherlands or anywhere I could order it from in the UK, but, *blush*...since I already owned 8 of the shades I just bought the rest!!! It's a lot more unwieldy to have two LM 6 pan custom palettes though...


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