October 18, 2013

Splurge/Save: Volumising Hair Products

As someone cursed with straight hair that has a tendency to lie a bit flat and lifeless, I'm always keen to try products that promise to add a bit of lift and life into my tresses. After doing a mega clean out a few weeks ago, I held on to only two products which give the desirable result and, since they are at each end of the price spectrum; one budget and one luxe, I decided to share them with you as part of a Splurge/Save post! 

Batiste, eveyone's favourite dry shampoo brand, offer an XXL Volume version that promises big and bouncy hair. I have seen and heard a lot of complaints about this dry shampoo; it leave a residue, makes hair sticky and crisp, doesn't mask grease etc. Well, yeah, it sucks as a dry shampoo but, as a volumising treatment, it is one of the best I have ever tried.  Spritzing the roots and manipulating the hair upwards with your fingers gives wonderful height to even the flattest hair and all for €5 and some change!

From the other end of the price spectrum is the Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. This is a powder-to-liquid formula which gives insane volume. So much so, you need to go easy on the teasing or else you'll like like you have been electrocuted! Again, this is a product that only requires some manipulation by hand - no brushes required! - and it gives lasting volume. I have a full review and pictures of the volume this gives my hair here.

Both of these products are equally as good at transforming limp and lifeless hair into something with bounce and volume and life. In a way, I kind of prefer the formula of the Aveda but, the fact that it, at almost €25, is fives times more expensive than the Batiste, makes it an unnecessary and unjustifable splurge.


  1. I love the Batiste one... might have to try the Aveda product though - sounds fab! I love big hair! x

  2. I adore that Aveda product -amazing stuff


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