October 08, 2013

Focus On: Primers

I bloody love a good primer, and use one most days just because I love the feeling of putting one on (yes, I'm a make-up creep). There are so many out there now, and some of my favourites are ones I feel don't actually get enough love in the blogosphere. I have a meh one here, too, as well as a great multi-tasker!

Benefit Stay Flawless* (€35.50)

I'll get the meh out of the way first: this is a strange enough primer in that it will keep make-up on, but to the detriment of pretty much your whole look. I've found on a number of occasions that this made my foundation patchy and more oxidised than normal - it was all still there, but not in a good way, basically. I think this is just too waxy for me and seeing as it didn't really work, it's way overpriced.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (€27)

Ahh. There is a very special place in both myself and Sinéad's hearts for this primer. It's velvety without feeling like a silicone-y mess, smoothes out my complexion and irregular pores, and genuinely helps my make-up to go the extra mile. I did say a few months ago that I felt that the Garnier Perfect Blur was very close to this, but if I am to be honest I do prefer this - I bought it again, after all!

IsaDora Undercover Face Primer (€19.95)

This is my latest love, and I feel it's one that so many of you would get on with - it's smoothing, a little bit mattifying, but also feels hydrating and doesn't leave the skin looking overly flat or dull. A little something for everyone, really! It also passed the true test of a primer for me - it kept my make-up looking good for that little bit longer, and also created a brilliant canvas for my liquid base. Brilliant stuff for a fair price.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (€36)

Love it or hate it, Beauty Flash Balm is a definite cult product and having used it a few different ways, I am most definitely still loving it. Being dehydrated, my skin often leans on the dull side, and using this is one of the best and fastest ways to revive it. I've found the smallest bit works well as a primer, and a bit more can also do wonders as a five-minute radiance mask - love this stuff long time!


  1. Great post I'm obsessed with primers!

  2. Good to see I'm not the only primer junkie!!

  3. Always on the look out for new primers. Love this post.
    Benefit have so many primers, but the only one I think is worth the money is that gal.

  4. I've started using primers more often recently and really love them! The Beauty Flash Balm is one of my firm favourites!

  5. I like the Isa-Dora primer but ill never be without Clarins Instant smooth

  6. I recently tried the Catrice cheap one from Penny's - found it great especially considering the price!

  7. The only one of these I've tried is Beauty Flash Balm, which is one of those products I always have to have in my collection ever since my mam let me use hers years ago. It's such a love/hate product but I definitely love it! I adore the scent too which seems to put a lot of people off! Dying to try the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch after hearing so many good things!

    Emma x

  8. A girl in work asked me for some primer advice, she had never used one before & knows I'm a tad obsessed with all things beauty. I recommended Gosh Velvet Touch primer but she was taken in by the sheer glamour of the Benefit counter & bought the Stay Flawless primer. She's so disappointed with it, expensive does not equal good quality!


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