October 15, 2013

Essie Fall 2013 Collection

We've made no secret of our love for Essie here on the blog - it is, hands down, both myself and Sinéad's all-time favourite nail polish brand. I love the formulas, the bottles, the shades and the edits of colour that they put out on a seasonal basis; this one is a perfect case in point.

This collection is all about textures and textiles: Essie Weingarten (whom I would LOVE to meet and shake by the hand some day) describes it as a collection of shades that "take their cues from rich flannels, sumptuous knits, hints of lace and ultra-fine silk twill". So, texture is the theme, and it's done well here with an array of cremes, metallics and a subtle bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure as well.
I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed the first time that I saw visuals for this collection; it appeared a bit haphazard and odd to me - but it's a definite grower. Truly, this line-up makes far more sense in person than it does when photographed, and some of the colours actually only really come into their own when they are applied. There isn't a dud here and they wear quite well, though the metallics (like almost all polishes in this finish) will chip sooner than the cremes. If you love autumn colours as much as I do, I'd strongly urge you to check them out in store if you are near a Boots or other stockist of Essie!

After School Boy Blazer,Cashmere Bathrobe, Twin Sweater Set

Vested Interest, For the Twill of It, The Lace is On

After School Boy Blazer* (great name!) is an extremely dark navy; the finish is really interesting as it sits somewhere in between a creme and a metallic. The shade looks flat and almost blackish-navy until it hits the light and you get a flash of a bluer navy. A very sophisticated alternative to black for winter!

Cashmere Bathrobe* applies a little darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle - I'd describe it as a charcoal creme shot through with subtle glitter. Another great alternative to a flat black, this is grown-up sparkle at its very best.

Twin Sweater Set* is, again, a shade that will apply slightly darker than it looks in the bottle. Red never goes out of style and I love darker ones, so was pleased to see this shade included in the collection. We are not short of reds in the nail polish market, of course, but if you don't have a darker one, this is a great colour!

Vested Interest* is a shade I thought would loo funny on my pale skintone, but the blue undertone to this khaki-ish green stops it from being too murky. I remember Sinéad loving a similar khaki tone a couple of years back and being a bit unsure, but now, I get it!

For the Twill of It* is a duochrome metallic shade, similar to the likes of Chanel's Peridot, only a much more "oil-in-water" kinda colour. The main tone here is a kind of greyed-out navy, so it is a much more chic 

Rounding out the collection we have The Lace is On*, and I have to admit, I thought I'd hate this until I wore it - and now it's one of my favourites! I will always be a sucker for bright pinks and purples, and this magenta shade is so eye-catching. I thought it'd be a bit eighties on, but the metallic finish is so fine that it just allows the magenta to do the talking.

L-R: After School Boy Blazer, Cashmere Bathrobe, Twin Sweater Set, Vested Interest, For the Twill of It, The Lace is On.

So, closing notes? I have probably 200 nail polishes at this stage (will be clearing them out soon!) and it is rare that I come across ones that catch my eye these days, but I can safely say that all of these, apart from the red of course, are unique and new-to-me shades. They're all great quality, and  definitely worth shelling out the €9.99 for!


  1. i need after school boy blazer asap! despite my ridiculous nail polish collection, i actually don't own a navy one xx

  2. The After School Boy Blazer is such a nice dark blue! I like the metallic undertone

  3. After school boy blazer will be mine! That is a beauty!

  4. I have For the Twill of It, Vested Interest, and Cashmere Bathrobe. I do like all of them though. I may have to pick up the rest as well.

  5. I got Cashmere Bathrobe and I love it!
    I'm wondering do you have any idea when the winter collection comes out? I really want a couple of those!


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