September 07, 2013

Take 3: Anti-Wrinkle Products

We are aware that some of our readers are older than us and are on the look-out for reviews of products for mature skin. It's not possible for us to review this type of product properly ourselves, so I've handed the blogging mantle over to my Mam again, after giving her a few PR samples from different price brackets to get to grips with! Here's how she got on...

Nuxe Nirvanesque 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Cream* (€36.60)

A comforting day cream enriched with macadamia oil. Smooths on easily with good coverage for day wear or as a makeup base. I didn’t experience any anti wrinkle effects, though. I liked the nice, simple eco friendly packaging in a recyclable plastic jar. Overall, this was an enriching cream without any heaviness or greasy after effects which was comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The price is is a tad steep - it seems that the more you age, the more you pay to claw back some youth!

Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Crème Oil Free SPF 15* (€68)

With a title like that, one expects a product that is all singing, all dancing, and does the dishes too - and this cream does not disappoint. It has a light texture that smoothes in, leaving a lovely velvety feeling, like chocolate for your skin. A tiny amount goes a long way, making it better value than the price might initially suggest. I like the SPF - an ideal winter guardian, and the packaging is simple and attractive. Worth saving for, or putting on your seasonal wish list.

Olay 2 in 1 Instant Hydration and Instant Wrinkle Smoother* (€16.29)

This new offering from Olay promises an awful lot – light reflecting particles, smoothing out your wrinkles, and moisturising your skin - but it didn’t deliver for me. A modest amount of moisture, and no effect on lines (I deny any wrinkles) left me saying nay to Olay. Its affordable price means little if it doesn’t deliver anything. After a week’s trial, and increasingly parched skin, I binned it. Enough said!


  1. I always get my Mam skincare for Christmas so the Estee Lauder one sounds like a good choice. Really good review, thanks

  2. for me, I always go for natural treatment like exercise, proper diet a healthy lifestyle but eventually as we grow older our body need something that can maintain our beautiful skin that is why im using tripollar laser technology to maintain my healthy skin.


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