September 19, 2013

Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment

After my success with predominantly French skincare brands over the last few years, I never really thought I'd feel the need to deviate. After my success with REN, though, I've been open to trying a few other brands.

When my skin was a mess a couple of months ago, though, I really felt like switching up my routine and ordered a few things from Debenhams when there was 10% off. This cream was one of them, and I have to say, it's very, very nice.

Basically, this is a rejuvenating night cream which is supposed to be good for oily/combination skin prone to blemishes and big pores. I think it's one of Origins' most popular products - at least, it's one that I've heard about over and over again. I'd read numerous positive reviews of the cream, but seeing it in this video from Gh0stparties really swung it for me. I seem to have really similar skin to her, and I've never regretted buying anything that she has recommended.

I've been using this 3-4 times a week (alternating with a more hydrating night cream, Vichy Aqualia Night Spa). I always use a hydrating serum underneath, too - I'm kind of paranoid about my skin's deyhdration levels, if you couldn't already tell!

I've mentioned recently that I am a sucker for texture in skincare, and I really love how smoothly this goes on - it's kind of a gel-cream formula. I'm not mad on the smell - weirdly, I get a bit of a whiff of cigarette butts from this! It doesn't linger, though, and I'm totally willing to put up with it for how my skin looks the next day - clearer, brighter, and fresher. Everything appears more even  - pores, scarring, etc. It's more expensive than a lot of the Vichy and La Roche-Posay products that I use but for me, the results match up to the price. You get 50ml of product, which is decent, plus the jar is pretty and matches my nails!

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