September 05, 2013

Le Blush Crème de Chanel ¦ 65 Affinité

Good God. I thought I'd seen it all at this stage, but this is one beautiful piece of make-up. I hope you'll excuse me for the amount of gaudy fake flowers in these pictures, but, well, I think they were appropriate because I'm in love. Cue the music...


No but seriously, this is a blush that has really taken my breath away. It's brought out the true make-up maniac in me - I've been telling everyone who will listen about it. Interested? Good, because I have plenty to say about it!

In terms of colour, I feel like Affinité is a real suit-all shade. It's a deep enough pink with a coral tinge which really comes out once you swatch it. A powder blush that I can compare this to is MAC's Fleur Powder, which is a really popular shade for a lot of skintones, too. Affinité is just that classic, healthy "flushed" colour, and the coral and peach tones stop it from coming up too red on paler skins.

In terms of texture, I was very, very interested to compare this to my Bourjois cream blushes, as both brands are under the same umbrella and both come in 2.5g pans. I was concerned enough about the similarities beforehand, so much so that I made sure to pick a Chanel shade that wasn't too similar to any of the Bourjois ones. After carefully comparing the two (and their ingredients lists) I am sure that they are not identical. Both dry to a powder finish, which is my preference, but upon the first swipe the Chanel formula is a little thinner, finer and more creamy, whilst the Bourjois feels drier. The Chanel formula is just that bit easier to blend, but, I don't exactly find the Bourjois formula difficult to use, either!

So there you have it - there is a difference between the two products apart from price, but not exactly a huge one. I love the Chanel and would happily buy another - probably the bright orange shade. I do prefer the shade range from Chanel, too - it's brighter and more fun, and there's a tan in there that a lot of non-blush lovers would really enjoy.

My advice? If you love high-end enough, buy the Chanel, but check that the shade you pick doesn't bear too much resemblance to those available from Bourjois. If you want to save a few quid, get the Bourjois - they are pretty brillant, too, and you can read my full review here.


  1. The blush looks gorgeous! Such a nice colour. I love creme blushes at the moment!

  2. damn this is pretty! I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging and Chanel really knows how to do it. I love the Bourjois cream blushes and they're such a great price but I have no problem "investing" in a similar high end product if the shade is right! This one looks like it'd be gorgeous on your porcelain skin!

    Emma x


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