September 16, 2013

Beauty Shopping - Italy & Greece Edition

I'm recently back from what was easily the best holiday of my life and wanted to share a few beauty bits I got in when I was in Rome, Venice and Corfu. I didn't buy much by my normal standards but, I'm delighted with the few things I got!

I proclaimed my love for Kiko when I got back from Berlin last year so, it was top of my list when in Italy. There was a brush sale going on while I was there so, I picked up the 106 Duo Fibre Brush, the 104 Kabuki and the 204 Angled Brush. These were all 50% off and the dearest was the kabuki at just €8. It is just as soft and good as the MAC 182 kabuki which costs €50. Also, a quick note on the 204 Angled Brush; this is the best brush for eyebrows. Hands down. And I'm only sorry I didn't realise it before I left the shop because I would have brought one back for everyone in the audience, it's that good!

Also from Kiko I picked up the Precision Eyebrow Pencil (with sharpener). This is a really skinny pencil with a super thin, hard point that is great for filling in gaps in the brow. If you have dark, full brows, you could probably get away with a pencil like this for perfecting your whole brow but, I have really fair brows so, need a heavy duty, more viscous product like Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow to do the majority of the work and then I use the pencil to sharpen and clean up the edges.

The lip ranges for Kiko are out of this world and it was so hard not to get one of everything but, I ended up purchasing the first one I was drawn to; the Ultra Glossy Stylo in 807 Red Coral. This formula of lipstick is amazing for summertime as it is incredibly pigmented but, also light feeling and super glossy looking. I picked up a few more of these for gift so, hopefully they like them too!

Finally, from Kiko is one of the Water Eyeshadows. These little pans remind me a lot of recent releases by MAC and Estée Lauder in that they are hyper pigmented shadows that can be used wet or dry. Probably one of the more expensive things in the brand, at €9, they are definitely worth the money and I'm sorry I didn't buy more. This is the shade 203 Burgundy and it is absolutely beautiful. I'll do a post soon showing it in action I think!

Greece is an absolute mine of skincare goodness and Greek pharmacies are brimming with native brands like Korres and Apivita. I'm quite familiar with Korres so I plumped for a couple of Apivita products as an introduction to the brand. Obviously, I hadn't done any research beforehand so, I just tried my best to decipher the Greek signage in the pharmacy and hoped for the best! I plumped for the 3-in-1 Cleansing Milk for Face & Eyes and the Lip Care in Pomegranate. If I'm being honest, both products are a bit meh. The cleanser is lovely (and I love the packaging!) but, even though they say it can be used to remove make-up, I don't feel like it is stripping enough to get everything off. However, I have been using it with my Clarisonic a few times a week and it does a good job with the added help of the scrubby brushes! Similarly, the lip balm is a nice product but, just a standard lip balm so nothing to report really!


  1. The Kiko eyeshadow looks fantastic! I really like Kiko, such a shame we don't get them in Ireland :(


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