September 09, 2013

Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Cleansing Balm

This is a scheduled post as I am away on holiday at the moment! I'll reply to any comments, questions or queries when I get back! 

Cleansing balm in a tube? That's a new one on me! As you all are probably aware, I am a skincare obsessive and love my cleansing balms as a means of really getting deep down and clearing all the dirt and grime out of my skin. I finished the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm a few weeks ago and, just as I was wondering what I would replace it with and try next, I took a delivery of the Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Cleansing Balm*. Perfect timing!

Having no prior knowledge of Aromatherapy Associates, I didn't know what to expect from the cleansing balm and jumped in with an open mind. Obviously, my first thought was that it was highly unusual to find a cleansing balm in a tube but, after I got over that aesthetic issue, I gave it a whirl. The balm contains omega oils, camomile, ximenia seed oil, cactus stem extract and, a personal skincare saviour, sweet almond oil. This blend is intended to leave skin calm, soothed and hydrated post-cleansing.

On the one hand, I really do like the glow my skin has after cleansing with this. It always feels incredibly soft and looks, to the naked eye, really clean which is not always something I can say about cleansers. However, I do wish that it gave a bit more of a lather and was better at stripping and melting make-up as most balms I have tried so far are. I love skincare but, I also don't have time to spend all evening pre-cleansing, cleansing and re-cleansing so, personally speaking, I prefer a product that does it all at once.

I am enjoying using this every evening because (a) it's something new and (b) my skin looks glowing afterwards but, I can't be sure it is something I would repurchase because it does require another product to fully remove stubborn make-up. However, if you find it hard to get your skin squeaky clean, I would definitely recommend it as it is the one product I have found that excels at this. BeautyBay currently sells the 100ml tube of Soothing Cleansing Balm, complete with muslin cloth, for €32.70 including free delivery. A 105g tub of the aforementioned Elemis balm retails for around €54 which, is incredibly expensive for barely any more product than the Aromatherapy Associates. The choice is yours!

What cleansing balms do you like? 


  1. Have fun on holiday! Love aromatherapy associates so will have to check this out!

  2. I have begun using the Clinique cleansing balm as an alternative to the famed Emma Hardie cleanser (which I did not get along with) The Clinique one is fab!


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