August 13, 2013

Take 3 ¦ Clay Masks

I always, always have to have a clay mask of some sort in my skincare routine. Without the help of clay, my unruly pores go berserk and my skin appears even more oily and blackhead-ridden than normal.

Voya Get Glowing Illunimating Clay Mask (€38)*

This is billed as a clay mask that improves the radiance of the skin as well as drawing out impurities. The texture of the mask is lovely; the clay feels quite light and fine, and my skin definitely got on well with it.
I really quite liked this, but the seaweed made it smell a tad "off" to me, which would deter me from ever repurchasing. The pot isn't the best packaging for a mask either - I much prefer a tube or pump as I always find myself scooping too much from a pot, and it can get very messy! I thought it was quite good, but not good enough to justify the price - €38 for 50ml of product. The other two masks in this post are cheaper and I prefer them both.

Yon Ka Masque 103 (€35)*

This was the first Yon Ka product I'd every tried, and it made for a very happy introduction.It is only €3 cheaper than the Voya mask, but this one does contain 75ml of product and comes in a tube - praise Jesus! I have to say, I really love this one. It feels like the most balanced out of the three; clarifying and cleansing, but not stripping or damaging. A very comfortable mask to wear and wash off, and one that I feel is worth the money considering both the quality and amount of product you are getting.

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask (€20 from Cloud10Beauty)

Along with the Gylcolactic Radiance mask, which is next on my list to try, this is quite a favourite among bloggers and vloggers. This was the finest and lightest of all three masks, so much so that it would start to crumble off in tiny, dusty particles if I left it on for too long. I really loved this mask and I think the quality was spot on - €20 is not exactly cheap but it is the least expensive one I am writing about today, and it lasted me a good four months. It did a great job of clearing out my pores without leaving my skin tight or dry after; in fact, it just felt really, really soft!

If you have a favourite clay mask, let me know. I think the next one I try will probably be the infamous Origins one..


  1. I like GlamGlow, but the price is extortionate for the tiny pot

  2. I've one from a Korean brand that would pull the nose off you! It's a peel off one and I think it's too harsh on my skin. I'm intrigued by the glam glow one but I don't think I'd pay RRP for it, maybe if I saw it on sale!

  3. I have a sanctuary clay one that looks like the origins one and I love it! It warms up on the skin as well

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