August 01, 2013

My MAC Palette

Sometimes, it is my most-used products that I overlook in blogging terms, and this palette is a case in point.

I've slowly built up my collection of MAC eyeshadows and blushers over the years. It took me a long time to buy into the hype of their eyeshadows in particular as for ages, I hardly even wore eyeshadow, just flicked-out liquid eyeliner. The first Naked palette came out around the time that I started to get serious about eyeshadow, blending and crease colours etc, so that placated me for a while. I've built up this collection gradually and the more of them I have, the more I understand the hype around MAC eyeshadows. I love Inglot too, but these really are top quality, particularly the Veluxe Pearl ones. Everyone needs a few in their collection!

There are a million and one blog posts and YouTube videos about products from MAC's permanent line, but I always find it interesting to see what products people reach for the most. I haven't swatched them but if you are interested in a particular shade, Google has hundreds of swatches! This palette is definitely a daily staple for me, I reach for it about 95% of the time since I finally got around to depotting, so if you have a lot of MAC products hanging in their individual pots, I would definitely recommend divvying them up into this or a Z Palette. I've a good few shades here so am just doing a short description of each one - if you've any questions, just ask! One thing to note is that this palette was obviously built up with my own colouring in mind - I am very pale with blue eyes and dark hair, and tend to favour warm eyeshadows, especially golds, bronze and russet tones. Oh, and you can buy blush/shadow inserts for the MAC palettes but for now, I like how everything is in the one place!

 L-R from top: Cranberry, Antiqued, Sketch, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Patina, Bronze


Cranberry: This may look very red/pink, but it works great to bring out blue eyes either as a crease colour or on the lower lash line. 

Antiqued: A reddish-brown that I use in the same way as Cranberry, and also all over the lid for a  deeper look. 

Sketch: A plummy colour that doesn't come across as purple on skin - I use this in the crease a lot to build a smokey look. 

Mythology: A rose-gold sparkly shadow that works well alone as long as you blend properly. Bought because Laura of Buy Now, Blog Later loves it! 

Expensive Pink: Quite an orangey-gold colour - looks great all over the lid on blue eyes, but needs a matte crease colour to work. Great texture.

Patina: A beautiful old gold colour that works great alone for a minimal look.

Bronze: A beautiful golden, er, bronze. So versatile - I use this all over the lid or in the crease / on the lower lash line.

 L-R from top: Twinks, Sable, All that Glitters, Soft Brown, Tempting, Woodwinked

Twinks: Quite similar to Sketch, but not as deep. I like it paired in the crease with Sable, but need to experiment more with this.

Sable: A bronzey, reddish brown - and I think, my first MAC eyeshadow. One of my favourites for both everyday and evening wear.

All That Glitters: My most used eyeshadow - I use this as an inner corner highlight almost every day. Will be repurchasing!

Soft Brown: A US-only product that Sinéad picked up for me in NYC last year. Brilliant in the crease with pretty much any eyeshadow - a great blending colour.

Tempting: Probably one of my least favourite shades - this is quite a dull metallic brown that I can use but tend to neglect in favour of more exciting shades.

Woodwinked: An infamous shade and I love it just as much as everyone else does. If you have blue eyes, you need this. It can look a little too yellow on its own, so I pop a matte shade in the crease most of the time.

 L-R from top: Fleur Power, Harmony, Pinch 'o' Peach


Fleur Power: A great pink blush with a hint of coral - never inappropriate or offensive. 

Harmony: The best contour powder, period. I will always have this in my collection and reach for it far more often than any bronzer. Also works great as a crease colour on the eyes! 

Pinch 'o' Peach: Works with everything - a fantastic basic pink blusher. I've had mine for years and wouldn't be without it.


  1. I love woodwinked and cranberry - they look so so nice with blue eyes :)

    Annie |

  2. Thanks for doing this post I find these posts so helpful :) I love the look of Harmony.


  3. I love all your choices and that pink blusher is gorgeous!

  4. I love your palette and the colors! x

  5. What an amazing collection, I want cranberry and expensive pink now!

  6. Great selection of colours. I like similar ones too, soft browns, bronzes etc. Really nice!


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