August 22, 2013

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

Due to the fact that my skin is oily, temperamental and also increasingly sensitive, I have been extremely hesitant to try out a cleansing balm, even though I've been hearing great things about them for the longest time. I am obsessive about removing my make-up properly and, up until buying this product, had been getting on very well with La Roche-Posay's Physiological Gel Cleanser and Kinvara's Cleansing Oil (both brilliant products) to get rid of make-up and grime.

I'd heard good things about this balm for a long time, and then after Caroline Hirons reviewed it and gave it the thumbs up, I stuck it on my wishlist for when my other cleansers were done for. What swung it for me was that she said it is non pore-clogging, suitable for those with acne and, most importantly, it is more affordable than the likes of Emma Hardie at €28. It's certainly not cheap, but I have been using it for about a month now and am not even halfway through the tub, so you are getting plenty for your money - 125ml, to be exact.

 I usually remove the bulk of my makeup with Bioderma or even just a clean flannel and warm water before going in with a small amount of this, massaging it all over my face and into my eyelashes, and rinsing off with the flannel. It leaves my skin feeling far more, well, clean than most cleansers do, and also extremely comfortable and balanced - not stripped or dehydrated in the slightest. As a contact lens wearer, I really appreciate how gentle this is on the eyes. It's a very gentle product in general, actually, as it has no scent at all and feels extremely lightweight once it has come into contact with water.

I feel like my skin has reaped the benefits from consistent use of this balm; I am still getting the odd hormonal spot but in general, my skin is far more balanced and comfortable because of how gentle yet thorough this product is. I can definitely recommend it to you all as something that is suited to all skin types, and am firmly committed to the balm cleansing method for the forseeable future!


  1. Great review! I've heard lots of good things about Clinique's Take The Day Off range but I was hesitant because of my oily skin. I may have to give it a go though now!

    Rosie x

  2. Love it! It's really so gentle, and yet so effective!

  3. I've oily, acne prone skin too and I love this cleanser! I think a lot of people are scared that it will make them more oily but it just cleanses well without stripping the skin.

  4. Great review Dee. I got this about a month ago and I adore it. My skin feels amazing before and after xx

  5. I read about this on Caroline Hirons blog and instantly wanted it! your review makes me want it all the more even though I've just recently purchased the Emma Hardy cleansing balm!xxx

  6. I am using the Liz Earle one and I love that, but this looks fab too!


  7. I love the eye make up remover so I was wondering about this one. Thanks for the great review!

  8. I didn`t want to buy a EH cleansing balm because of fragrance, than I heard about Clinique Cleansing balmon Makeup Alley and I went to bought it. I loved how it removed my makeup with ease but I was bright red after using it, so I guess I am the only girl in the world that Clinique Cleansing balm irritates ker skin.

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  10. You have given nice review of the product. I am also using cleansing balm and it shows the result quite magnificently. Thanks for sharing your review with us.

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