July 29, 2013

Top 5 ¦ Brushes

If you have been reading the blog for awhile, you will know that brushes are a big beauty obsession of mine. I love trying all the different brands, shapes and types in an attempt to find the best uses for them. However, I was doing my make-up last weekend in London and I realised that there are only five brushes that I truly reach for on a daily basis at the moment. So, I thought I would share them with you, including why I love them, in case you are looking to expand your collection or are just starting with make-up and aren't sure how to navigate the minefield that is brushes! 

I have used this brush for everything; setting powder, contouring, bronzing and, of course, blusher. It is incredibly versatile and works wonder with powder products, dispersing them evenly and giving an overall even and natural looking finish. I use this everyday for blusher and adore it. The tapered bristles ensure accurate placement while the fluffier outside bristles work to buff and blend the product in for a quick and easy result. RRP €12.99

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: Flawless Foundation

This brush needs no introduction. It is the only foundation brush you need. Period. It is dense but, not too dense that it doesn't freely move the product. It blends foundation to a natural finish like no other brush and buffs products; cream, liquid and powder, into oblivion for an absolutely flawless finish. Annoyingly, it is only available as part of the Core Collection. They did release a similar brush, the Expert Face Brush, as a single but, honestly, it's just not the same so, cut your losses and buy the kit; it's still cheaper than a MAC brush! RRP €28.99

MAC 227: Eyeshadow Perfector

This is a serious dark horse in the make-up brush Hall of Fame. It seems like no one ever talks about it but, it is a genuinely phenomenal brush. It's intended purpose is to highlight the browbone which I do use it for but, it also works wonders at giving a sheer wash of colour all over the eye, buffing out the edges of shadow to a perfect fade and for generally giving any eye look, no matter how amateur/messy, a perfected look. RRP £22.50

MAC 252: Packs a Punch

Want intense colour all over your eyelid? Get the 252 brush from MAC. This super dense, super flat brush packs colour all over the lids for a really dramatic effect. If you want to get all fancy with this brush, pack the colour onto the lid as suggested and then, turn the brush 90 degrees on its side and sweep through the crease to create a perfectly defined crease and give the impression of having done lots of blending work. Sneaky sneaky! RRP £22.50

MAC 217: The Idol

This brush is more famous than any other. It is revered by top make-up artists and hoarded by beauty obsessives (at last count, I have six of them!). It can be used for anything and everything; small area highlighting and contouring, concealing, applying eyeshadow, blending eyeshadow, defining the eyes. It's the do-it-all, do-it-well brush and I love it. The Sigma E25 brush is cheaper at €10.50 and is the exact same so, while the original gets the titular nod here, the dupe is just as noteworthy. RRP £18.00

What make-up brushes top your list?


  1. I can't agree with you more about the RT blush brush! It's so good for.. everything! I really need to try some MAC brushes they're just way to expensive here in Australia.

    Great post xx


  2. I really want to try the RT brushes but after spending so much in the past on MAC brushes I'm finding it hard to put them aside!

    Aysha x

  3. My favourites are basically all the RT brushes (including the ones you mentioned) and also the MAC 217.

    Annie |


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