July 23, 2013

Nail Chat - Cuticles, Manicures and Guilt

I haven't been painting my nails all that much recently.

I know... Let me explain. It all started when I was treated to a Red Carpet Manicure at the launch a while back. RCM is basically a DIY two week gel polish system - not everyone likes it but I was really happy with my mani. I loved the tomato-coral colour, the shine, and the durability it lended my nails. I'm really busy these days and appreciated the lasting power so much - it's nice to have one less thing to worry about appearance-wise. Would I buy the kit? Probably not as I'd prefer to get something like that done in a salon - I feel like I would just destroy my nails if I was let loose with my own kit, plus I have such a ridiculous collection of nail polish already. 

My Red Carpet Manicure

Which leads me to the next part of this very long-winded nail tale...I destroyed my nails last year when I attempted to remove Shellac at home so, booked into Tropical Popical to have the RCM removed and a fresh, neon pink Gelish mani applied (€20). I was curious about Gelish as I know that Laura of Buy Now, Blog Later is a fan and I have to say, I really loved it too. It lasted me two and a half weeks before I went and had it removed - by that time, there were a couple of small chips and, because my nails grow fast, quite a gap between my cuticles and the polish. Despite the neon shade that I chose, I didn't really get sick of it because I was just so happy with having strong, shiny, long-lasting colour.

So as I've painted my nails less recently, I have been paying a lot more attention to just looking after them in general - hand cream, cuticle oil and treatments have all been whipped out more than usual. I would recommend the Nuxe Reve de Miel hand cream highly; it's so hydrating, smells divine and isn't too greasy. Sally Hansen's Cuticle Oil is great, as is their latest offering, Healthy Cuticles Now!*

I suppose I would describe this as a light cuticle lotion, but it's still really hydrating. I've been keeping this at my desk in work and reach for it at least twice a day - I felt like I should be really paying attention to my nail beds and cuticles when I had those manicures, and have tried to keep it up since. I think it's a lovely little treatment to keep on standby - it smells nice and fruity and isn't too sticky or cumbersome to use. Seeing as you need a tiny amount at a time, this pot will last and last - it might not seem like a lot, but 14.3ml is almost half a bottle of foundation. I'd recommend this if you want to ramp up your nail care - it's kept my naturally dry cuticles very happy so far!

Now, my last little tangent is is a bit of a first world problem. I have a new love for getting my nails done, and am dying to try out Artistic Colour Gloss recently as I hear it is the most hard-wearing of them all - but I am plagued with guilt due to the zillions of bottles of nail polish I have at home. I don't buy polish as much these days but am still sent a lot, so my collection is ridiculous. I am scaling it down and giving some away, and I think only after I've reorganised it a bit more will I be able to justify another manicure.

Talk about a middle class crisis... this is probably the most self-indulgent and banal post that I have written in a long time, but do let me know if you like 2-3 week manicures too!


  1. Love your nail colors babe and the cuticles looks so fresh xxx

  2. I have never had my nails done. Ever. I now kind of want to try out the RCM. Agh. But yeah I have been on a nail health buzz lately. Suddenly mad in to cuticle oil and scrubs- must give this a shot

  3. I love getting Shellac nails done, it's such a treat but my nails do look and feel like crap once it comes off so I might try the Sally Hansen stuff and see if it helps in future, thanks for the advice ;)

    Dee x


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