July 25, 2013

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow

Make Up For Ever is a much-coveted brand in the beauty world, and one that can be overlooked by us. We are lucky to have ready access to the brand (if you didn't know, they have a shop on Dublin's Clarendon Street), as I know that it is much more difficult for people in the UK to find MUFE.
Dee bought this a while ago and has been obsessed. Sinéad was subsequently sent it and is equally enamoured. Our eyebrows are totally different so, if it works for both of us, we think it is safe to say that this is a really great product that most of you will get along nicely with.
Dee Says...

My eyebrows have been my project this summer. They are naturally very full and thick, but I had managed to over-pluck them to the point where they had become uneven and shapeless. I'd become sick and tired of seeing big brows in fashion all over the place when that's what I naturally have so, decided to look after them and start growing them out with the help of regular appointments with The Brow Artist

If you live in Dublin, you'll probably have heard of these ladies. Their popularity really speaks for itself, as they're not taking any new clients on until September. SJ is my brow gal and, having been three times for a thread, tint and trim, I have successfully grown my brows back out with a decent arch and shape to them. They're not perfect yet but they are already a million miles from where they were two or three months ago, and I couldn't be happier.
Back to the product in question, I have been using Aqua Brow for a few months, and love it just as much now as I did when my brows were thinner. To summarise, it's brilliant because:
  • It's waterproof and will not budge all day

  • There is a wide range of colours to suit the fairest to the darkest of brows

  • It's very easy to apply with a synthetic angled brush (I love my Ecotools one from Boots)

  • It's the most natural-looking brow product I have ever used.

  • The little tube will last yonks as you need the tiniest amount per use

  • Not only does it do an excellent job at filling in gaps, the waxy-gel formula means that it also holds brows in place quite well.
So, yes, this is brilliant stuff and I will never be without it. It is €20 which may seem steep but, on a cost-per-wear basis it offers fantastic value for money. Try it for yourself - I don't think you will look back!

Sinéad Says...

I was actually sent a tube of Aqua Brow to try and, despite Dee raving about it, I was a bit skeptical because I am very fair and was worried it would be too stark and harsh against my skin/hair.
After a few Scouse-brow style missteps, I (thankfully!) got the hang of working with it. I suppose the biggest difference between using it and any other brow product is that Aqua Brow is a commitment; you don't get much time to move it around or correct any mistakes so you really need a steady hand and a good eye for envisaging the shape you want.

I have used it everyday for probably the last three months and have come to love it. It gives my fair brows some structure and shape which is usually a long and arduous process to achieve with a pencil or powder. You do need to work quickly and in short, natural strokes so that it sets and looks natural but, otherwise it creates the sharpest, most neat brow I have ever been able to create on myself. So much so that plenty of people, both in real life and online, have complimented me on my brows!

Overall, a resounding thumbs up from me! Just give it a few trial runs, go in with little product to begin with and build it up to your desired shade and you will hopefully love it as much as we both do!


  1. Oh i really want to give this a go, my eyebrow pencil is coming to an end and def need a replacement

  2. I used the HD brown powers at the moment but feel like I'm ready for a change. Great review =]

    Aysha x

  3. Love to give this a go been using Elizabeth Arden for ages then keep switching back to Mac and Revlon colour stay im never satisfied with just one foundation lol

  4. Since I started blogging 6 weeks ago I noticed makeup forever rarely get mentioned, I think it's a great brand!

  5. sounds amazing, must try it, love anything brows-related ;)


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