July 09, 2013

Kérastase Ciment Thermique

As a person who puts a good bit of effort into my hair care, I really don't discuss it enough here on the blog! I'll be making a conscious effort from now on to talk haircare more often, although I really don't find it half as exciting or interesting as makeup. That said, I am pretty damn excited about this product and have been telling pretty must everyone I know in real life how, like, uhmazingg it really is. Having bored all of my friends and family to death, I'm here to report to y'all about why I love Ciment Thermique so bloody much.

This is the third leave-in conditioner that I've tried - I think this type of product is the way to go if you are unwilling/can't afford to invest in a fully high-end hair routine. I know when I use something like this that my hair will look and feel good, regardless of what bog-standard shampoo and conditioner I used beforehand.

I had used Chroma Thermique (great for radiant colour) and Nectar Thermique (great for softness) before this but decided to give the Ciment a bash next, as I'd read rave reviews online, and heard great things from hairdressers, too.

So, let me count the ways I love this:

1. It does pretty much everything the other conditioners I'd tried do - softens, smoothes frizz, makes blow-drying much easier - but:

2. It also noticeably strengthens and (kinda) repairs my hair - I feel like it really is effective and penetrating. The bottle instructs you to kind of massage it into hair, concentrating on weak areas like broken bits and split ends, and the technique does work. To me, this is the difference that will make me repurchase this for as long as it keeps working for me.

3. It stays in the hair, so you only need to use it every 2-3 washes, meaning the bottle will last ages.

4. It smells like lemon and lime. Really zingy and summery, almost like a mojito. It also has a very light gel-cream texture, so won't weigh hair down.

Is that enough? I could go on but I won't. Basically, this is brilliant and worth the money because it will last and works extremely well. Rave review complete!


  1. This is something I'd be really interested in trying, I never buy leave ins as I think they're gonna be greasy

  2. I love this product, have been using it for years! I use a lot of styling tools to keep mu mad hair under control and this seems to strengthen it. xx

  3. I've never tried kerastase, I mostly use argan oil products from pro naturals, they make my hair so soft!

  4. This sounds great, must search it out and give it a go. The only leave in product I've ever tried was Sebastian Potion 9 and while not strictly a conditioning product, it really made a noticeable difference to the condition of my hair, so much so that people asked what I was doing differently.

  5. I have been using the Kerastase Nectar Thermique, I might switch to this one when it runs out.



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