July 05, 2013

Blog Swap: SimoneLovesMakeup

When my good friend Simone approached me with the idea of a blog swap, I thought it was inspired! It seemed like a great idea to change things up a bit and introduce you to different products that either I haven't tried or that might not be available here (Simone lives in Dubai). We settled on the theme of current favourites so, I'm handing the reins over to Simone today to let ya'll in on what she's loving for the summer season. After you're done here, head on over to her blog to see what I picked and have a mosey through her posts; trust me, you'll be hooked! 

It's permanently summer where I live, so that means high SPF, lots of bronzer and long lasting products all year round. I'm particularly obsessed with protecting my hair ever since I paid a visit to Toni & Guy in Bahrain last year and the stylist told me my hair was sun damaged - I couldn't believe it! As it's reaching 45 degrees and upwards in Dubai at the moment I've started to bust out the big guns as it were, the fail safe high octane products that won't let me down.

Protecting my hair has become a big thing so I use Bumble & Bumble UV Styling Balm on the days I wash my mop. I brush a small amount through my hair when it's damp and then style as normal. It doesn't leave a residue or weigh the hair down and it smells yummy, and once a twice a week before I go to bed I use Davines OI Oil on the ends of my hair - and anywhere else the hair is feeling a bit dry. It's an amazing, heavy oil that has really rejuvenated my hair in the last few months - I did try it during the day but it's too heavy and makes the hair look greasy.

Bronze action comes in the form of my current favourite bronzer; Terra Ora by Guerlain. It's a gorgeous mid-toned brown with a pearl center which acts as a highlight on the skin. It's such a flattering shade and never fails to make me look healthy and alive. I may or may not have splurged a bit on their summer collection as a result of trying out this beauty... coupled with that is Mythology, my current go-to eyeshadow. I love the burnt bronze shade and the shimmer adds something a bit extra to my otherwise boring eye looks - ha!

Foundation-wise, I'm all about Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation at the moment. It's a heavy duty, full coverage foundation that leaves my skin looking like porcelain without feeling heavy. It lasts all day and covers absolutely everything, I can't fault it. Under this goes Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunblock with SPF55. Considering it's mega high SPF level, you would expect it to be really thick and leave a white cast but it's the total opposite - light as air, no white cast and once it's sunk into the skin it's gone. I like wearing this every day as I know my skin is properly protected no matter what I'm doing.
Lastly, Le Volume De Chanel Mascara - a total revelation that delivers super fluffy, long, non-clumpy lashes that don't melt or flake during the day and Le Base from Guerlain - almost a peel off base (but not quite) which is ideal for me as I change my nail colour more times then is normal.

So there we have it - my monthly favourites all the way from Dubai! Are any of you using any of these products? If you have any recommendations for long lasting skin products in particular let me know as this is something I seem to struggle with!


  1. Love this idea of a swap, great post btw, I would be mucho interested in the sun block, I ever wear a seperate one as I'm afraid my foundation would slide off my face!!

  2. The sunblock looks amazing! I need this, even in Ireland. You can never be too protected, right?!


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