June 07, 2013

YSL Baby Doll Collection

From YSL this month comes the Baby Doll collection. The collection features mix of rose-pink and gold shades and includes four shades of Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll (€32.50), two shades of Eyeliner Babydoll (€31.00), one Rouge Pur Couture (€29.00) and one nail polish (€21.00). We were sent a couple of bits from the collection to trial; the Babydoll mascara* and the eyeliner in the shade Rose Babydoll*.

Following on from the runaway success of the brand's Faux Cils and Faux Cils Shocking mascara, Baby Doll is a new incarnation of mascara for YSL's incredibly successful Faux Cils line (One sold every 12 seconds the brand say!). The wand is the most obvious difference from previous Faux Cils mascaras as it is less natural bristle and more plastic. It is extremely flexible and, with two different types of bristles; thick and widely spaced as well as finer bristles that are clumped together, YSL promise that it will make lashes appear longer as well as fuller, coating them from root to tip.

Firstly, I do generally like YSL mascaras, especially for nighttime as the thicker formula really gives lashes a va-va-voom effect! As with all previous mascaras I have tried from the brand, I found Babydoll to be a touch too wet to begin with so, I left the cap slightly open for the first few days until it had dried up enough and then it was perfect!

In terms of this formula, the Babydoll mascara is definitely not for the fainthearted or for those who hate clumpy/spidery lashes! It does exactly as it's name suggests and creates a fan of lashes like you would see around a doll's eyes. I personally love this effect but, I know it isn't for everyone. The downside, however, is that the mascara tends to flake throughout the day, as you can see under my eyes in the pictures below. It's not a massive problem but, when you're paying €32.50 for a mascara, you hope that it will deliver on all fronts.

As for the Eyeliner Babydoll, well, this wouldn't be my usual fare and I was quite hesitant to even try it out. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that (a) even someone as inept at applying liquid liner as I am could manage it with ease and (b) I actually quite liked the effect! The super thin brush applicator makes it possible to create a controlled line and also to reach into the inner corner while the smooth formula makes it really nice and easy to use.

Since I am such a total idiot when it comes to applying liner, I just went with a simple line along my lashes. I really like how bright and blue it makes my eyes look and also how it made me look instantly put together even though I had no make-up on outside of brows and mascara (and was looking super freckly from the lovely weather we're having!). favourite way to use this liner is as an eyeshadow base! I don't have a picture of this but, I literally just used a fluffy brush to blend the colour across the lid, pack a bit of a gold/rose toned eyeshadow on top and, hey presto, a perfect eye look!


  1. I love this eyeliner!so chic, v impressed

  2. I find all YSL Mascaras need a little drying out time, but once they hit the right consistency they are fantastic, I have no probs shelling out for the brand as they always deliver. I was dying to see what the Rose liner would look like on, its lovely on you, very unusual.

  3. Wouldn't be crazy about the mascara now but very surprised by the eyeliner, it's really nice. Usually I'd totally avoid pinks on my eyes but this is really tempting.

    Dee x

  4. Wow,that mascara really looks and sounds like everything I *hate* in a mascara! It depends on one's taste really, that being said the eyeliner looks fab on you!

  5. I really like that eyeliner and I didn't think I would ever like a shade like that. It looks really pretty with your skintone. Not gone on the mascara at all, I hate clumps and if I paid over €30 for it I'd be really disappointed, tbh!

  6. I've tried and LOVED this mascara!


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