June 14, 2013

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express

Mascara is my desert island beauty product. I mean, once the necessities like suncream are taken care of (of course!) mascara is the only beauty product I would need to feel better/more confident/more myself whilst stranded somewhere lush and tropical! Given this elevated status of beauty product, it's unsurprising that I try many, many mascaras and am quite tough on them in my reviews. I expect a lot and only when a mascara fully delivers does it get a glowing review. This mascara, Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express (RRP €11.99)* is about 95% of the way to receiving a totally stellar review from me and, as history probably shows, that's a pretty good overall result from me!

For once, I think I'll get the negatives out of the way first because, really, they are only small ones. The first downside is that the brush, which I'll talk more about in a minute, is just too big for the lower lashes and no matter what angle you use it at, mascara still smudges on the skin under the eye. Secondly, the formula, which I love, does not withstand even the tiniest sprinkle of water. Whether it's tears from yawning, beads of sweat in the gym or a particularly blustery rainshower, this mascara will end up smudged beneath your eyes! 

While the formula does let me down slightly it, ironically, is also what I love most about this mascara. It is an innovative gel-mousse hybrid that creates a full fan of lashes that are not brittle or flaky but, rather are soft and fluttery. The formula contains 40% less wax than the brand's standard Volum' Express which not only lends itself to the soft effect but, also means that there is zero flaking from this mascara. 

The brush is also something a bit different. Called the Flexor brush, the oversized wand contains a huge amount of soft bristles that work really well at catching each and every lash while it also bends and flexes to lift lashes from the root. Aside from my little gripe with the wand that I mentioned above, I like this style of application; a lot more laid back and carefree which leads to natural looking lashes that are perfect for summertime - just don't wear it in the pool!


  1. Worth waiting till they bring out the waterproof formula then!

  2. Not a fan of Maybelline mascara in general, definitely won't be picking this up if it smudges (I'm an eye-rubber so I'd be Panda-rific within an hour) - but I would be interested in seeing a waterproof version too. I like that it doesn't clump, unusual for a big brush!

  3. I got this and thought it made its way down my lower lids as the day went on... :(

  4. Have you tried Maybelline Great Lash? It's awesome!
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