June 27, 2013

Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure

Ciaté are well-known for their unusual manicure kits at this stage. A lot of the time, it seems, they have spotted trends among nail geeks online and then turned it into more of a mainstream, profitable thing - take their Velvet Manicure as an example. They haven't stopped there, though, and keep coming out with wacky kits for weird manicures (can you sense my scepticism yet?!)

Today we're talking about the Chalboard Manicure kit*, but I've read online that the denim manicure is out soon - are you still on board with all of this, or, like me, are you just a bit tired of it all?

 I will say that I had a lot of fun playing with this, both on my own nails and on the below nail wheel, and I think it would be a great pressie for the nail nut in your life, or for the girl that has everything! It kind of took me back to being a kid as I was always mad about arts and crafts and anything creative, really.

It costs €30 (too much, in my opinion, but doesn't everything these days), and for that you get four pens, a black nail polish and a matte top coat. All packaged up very nicely, but not a whole lot of stuff for your money!

Using this is a lot of fun, but the practicality of a Chalkbord Manicure is minimal. I found that the top coat kind of smudged my designs a lot, and wear time was also bad - the nail polish chipped rapidly, and the "chalk" disappeared before that. I am eager to try it again with Seche Vite over the top but that would kind of take away from the chalkboard look!

So overall, great fun idea, but a bit too expensive for what it really is. We are all about value for money here, and I couldn't honestly recommend this to you unless you are stuck for a present for someone. It's not all bad news, though - I liked their Colourfoil manicure a lot more than this, so stay tuned for a review of that soon!


  1. As a self-confessed 'nail geek' I have zero interest in this - I'm a fan of all kinds of nail designs but I think this is a silly idea, where would someone wear it?! (And I've drawn Animaniacs on my nails in recent weeks). I'm not a fan of these kits in general, I think they can be easily duped with supplies that any nail fan already has in their stash. Sorry if that sounds completely negative and awful but there's no point in pretending I love it when I don't!

  2. Seems a bit fidly no? Doesn't have my interest at all really but I can think of a few friends who'd probably like it. Thanks for the review, saves me being disappointed now.

    Dee x

  3. I like the concept of this, but the price tag is a little much. Great review!

    Aysha x


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