June 06, 2013

Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer

Benefit are notorious for new, big product releases and this one is no exception. Stay Flawless* has been launched with some fairly confident claims; it promises to help your base to stay put for 15 hours, acting as a magnet for make-up. I've used it a few times and quite like it, but is it worth €35.50?

Let's start with the packaging. It's undeniably cute (if a bit of a rip-off of Topshop's makeup) - I am a sucker for polka dots, and the general appearance of this tube ties in well with the Hello Flawless foundation. The primer is quite unusual in that it comes in a twist-up stick format, something quite akin to a NARS Multiple actually.

Application-wise, it's fairly simple - you just buff it all over your face, and go back in afterwards with a foundation brush or your fingers to ensure that the product is evenly dispersed. This is billed as a hydrating primer, and it feels really nice upon the initial application. It then kind of sets - not unlike a Pritt-Stick - and then it's time to get busy with your base.

I found my liquid foundation harder to blend on top of this primer, but it didn't ruin my makeup or anything. Although I had to pay extra attention to blending, my foundation does sit very well on top of this primer and it it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, either, which I really appreciate. Although it appears to be a pale flesh colour, the primer applies completely clear so should suit everyone.

I think Stay Flawless definitely does prolong the life of my make-up, but certainly not for 15 hours. Any primer that manages to make my foundation to last longer than usual is a very good one in my book, though. 

The only thing holding me back from giving Hello Flawless a wholly positive review is the price - €35.50 is too much for a non-designer/mega-luxury brand. My other favourite high-end primer, Clarins Instant Smooth, is about €10 cheaper so if I'm honest, next time I run out I will be buying that or the cheaper Garnier dupe!

Stay Flawless is out on July 1st, priced at €35.50.


  1. thanks for the review..isn't it hard to apply when it is in stick type?

    1. Hi Mizu, no it's actually really quick and easy as it's a very chunky stick!

  2. I WAS going to pick this up, but I don't think I'll bother, sounds to me like a bit of a high street product from a high end brand

  3. great review, happy to see such honesty. This is definitely too pricey for me, especially if it's not totally amazing!

    1. Thanks Anna, we always try to be really honest! X

  4. Great review! I was really interested in this product when I first heard about it, but €35.50 is a ridiculous price! What a shame! x


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