June 22, 2013

25 Facts About Dee!

1. I hate almost all forms of stand-up comedy.

2. People often mix myself and my bestie Jenny up. I don't think we look that alike but we're rarely seen on a night out without each other and share a love for bright lippie, so, that's probably why!

3. Just like Sinéad, my granny is my favourite person, followed very closely by my little brother.

4. I have never been to the States but I have been to Helsinki and Luxembourg!

5. I am a horribly sarcastic person. 

6. I am obsessed with underground transport systems and, more specifically, maps of them! 

7. I think I am softening with age to the point where I cry at any kind of spectacle, most recently Beyonce and, er, the Great Gatsby. 

8. A lot of you know that I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Lisa Eldridge last year. I managed to stay relatively composed and normal until she complimented me on my red lipstick as I was leaving, and I blurted out that I had applied it using the steps in one of her videos. Smooth.

9. I listen to everything and have questionable taste in music at times but my three favourite bands are the Smiths, the Stone Roses and Blink 182 as they all hold sentimental value for me.  

10. I sneeze like a maniac when plucking my eyebrows, which makes getting them done professionally, eh, interesting. 

11. I LOVE cheese. 

12. As a kid I had a weird phobia of shops shutting and being trapped inside overnight. Now I can't imagine a better thing to happen!

13. When I was about nine I used to paint my little brother's nails and make him wear a crown of daisy chains. I managed to convince him that this made him "The Cool King" so he'd let me do it on the regular.

14. When I was 19 I fell down the stairs of a Nitelink and broke my leg. You can imagine what my mother thought of that...

15. Like Sinéad again, I loved reading from an early age and it's something that we always had in common as kids - we were both obsessed with the Babysitters Club, Goosebumps, and then Gossip Girl later on! Other books that I loved as a kid were Heidi, Anne of Green Gables and the Little Women series.

16. I HATE milk and cannot understand how people drink it - I do put it in tea but am a fan of a strong brew with just a drop of milk.

17. Even though I'm not exactly the outdoorsy type, I can't imagine living far away from the sea. I LOVE fresh seafood, especially prawns and mussels!

18. I can't STAND Caitlin Moran and, no, that does not mean that I am not a feminist - I just don't need to be told how to be one.

19. My boyfriend's and my birthdays fall on consecutive days and we have the same nickname (Dee)!

20. I have no appendix, but it never burst. I had an operation on my intestines when I was three, and they removed it while they were in the neighbourhood!

21. Despite all of its faults, I really do love Dublin and can't imagine living anywhere else long-term.

22. The webbing on fingers and toes, especially between the thumb and forefinger, FREAKS ME OUT. The girls in school used to torment me about it! And yes, I am aware that this is an odd quirk seeing as I have fingers and toes, etc.

23. I'm also scared of velour and any velvety texture. Eurghhhh.

24.I paint my nails on an average of four times a week. I have well over 100 nail polishes...probably closer to 150, and my favourite brands are Essie and Sally Hansen by a mile.

25. Writing this blog with Sinéad is one of the best things I've ever done and I still get such a buzz from it. I love when people tell me they're using and loving something that we reviewed. I also love when someone tells me that they read it - so if you've made it to the end of this post, thank you very much!


  1. Love this post Dee! Im with you on the nail painting and stone roses :)

  2. I stopped dying my streak in my hair because of that wench!

  3. Awww girls I love Viva Adonis so much! VA was oner of the first beauty blogs I discovered, along with MakeupSavvy, Essiebutton and Girl And A Beauty Blog. Between the five of you, I almosdt always want anything you recommend that's in my budget (or as little over). You know what a fan I am of you, I'm so sorry I've dropped off the commenting grid. Have loved these posts so much, although what happened to 'Food, Flights and Everything Nice'? Was it just abandoned? I wouldn't mind the posts being incorporated into VA.

    Lots of love,

    Steph xxx

    1. Hi Steph,

      Thanks so much for such a lovely comment; we really appreciate it!

      Honestly, I just didnt have the time to maintain Food, Flights and Everything nice alongside this blog, work and everything else! It's a shame because I did love writing it but, VA is my first priority. I would definitely consider incorporating travel and food posts into it of that's something readers wanted but, I can't be sure that they do...!

      Thanks again,

      Sinead x

  4. Love these types of posts, must write one myself soon!
    Definitely with you on being horribly sarcastic - I like to think of it as a talent though! :)


  5. Snap on the Underground thing! Specifically the Tube for me, I love reading about it, finding out new things, I used to study the map when I was younger! I've been to the London Transport Museum, it's fascinating (to me anyway!)

    Also, YES to the Babysitters Club, used to love that series

  6. Aww, loved this Dee! We can share the sarcasm for sure! ;)


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