May 21, 2013

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Range

I am really fond of the Body Shop as a brand and usually have a couple of their products on the go.  Most often, it's their body butters - Sinéad and I are both massive fans and have raved about them on numerous occasions! What I really enjoy about the brand is that their range of products are so huge that there is always something else to try, and they are forever expanding as well! I'd previously bought and loved the Brazil Nut body butter, so I was really happy to hear that they'd expanded the scent into a series of products.

On a side note, brazil nuts are an ingredient that The Body Shop have put a huge amount of work into sorcing in an ethical manner. Last year, we met Gaston Vizcarra, a genuninely lovely guy from Peru who has been helping to supply TBS with Community Fair Trade brazil nut oil since 1989. I know that some of you have been a little disheartened with The Body Shop since their association with L'Oreal, but suffice to say that after meeting Gaston last year and hearing in detail about how The Body Shop has helped a lot of people in rural South America, I am satisfied that they are a very ethical company. Now, on to the products!

If you're not familiar with the Brazil Nut scent, it's a very sweet, nutty (duh) aroma which has more than a hint of chocolate about it. I would describe it as the smell of a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bar, but a tad sweeter - and I really love it. I don't find it overpowering or too sickly, but I would definitely have a good sniff before buying just to ensure that it isn't too much for you personally. 

One of the new products in the Brazil Nut line is the Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil* (€14.95). I was given this oil in the strawberry scent last year and got on very well with it (review here). There are so many oils on the market at the moment, but I would recommend this as a great multi-tasker as it is suitable for both body and hair. I've also seen other people online using this as eye make-up remover and even as a brush cleaner, so it's definitely a handy one to have! Personally, I love using this on my legs after shaving - it's really moisturising and makes them feel even smoother.

On to the Brazil Nut Body Mist* (€13.95), this is a bit of a strange scent to actually spray on, but it's a grower. Because of the alcohol in the mist, the first spritz initially smells like boozy chocolates! However, I did like the subtle warmth of the scent once it had dried down. It's a nice, pocket-friendly scent that would be great as a handbag staple, or you could keep it at work/school to freshen up during the day. Of course, these come in a ton of scents so there is bound to be one that you like if Brazil Nut doesn't float your boat. Pink Grapefruit is another personal favourite!

My favourite product so far is the Brazil Nut Shower Cream* (€8.95). This is a really moisturising, rich cream which lathers up nicely and, essentially, smells like you are showering in hot, nutty, vanilla-y chocolate! It's divine, luxurious and I love it. You get 250ml for under €9 so, not a bad deal for a great quality product. Something like this adds a bit of luxury to your everyday routine, so, is ideal to treat yourself to if you don't have much time to do more extensive pampering.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Range was added to the permanent collection due to popular demand and should be in store now!


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