May 28, 2013

Soap & Glorified

Soap & Glory is a brand that I have sort of indirectly come around to liking a lot. When their products first became really popular about two or three years ago, I really liked them and went through a good few of them after receiving one of their whopper gift sets at Christmas! After that, I think I was kind of sick of their signature scent and moved on to other products. Over the last year, though, Soap & Glory have expanded a lot and brought in new scents, which have won me over again.

The offers that Boots have had over the last couple of months also kind of pushed me towards buying these - I picked these up on 3 for 2 a while back. Some of the products are better value than others, and I wouldn't buy all of them - for example, their haircare didn't really impress me, and a lot of the make-up is fiercely overpriced. I think that where Soap & Glory really shine, though, is in the body product department.

The Sugar Crush range has been much-hyped on blogs over the last while, and in my book, they are worth the hype. I blogged previously about the body butter, and now I'm obsessed with the shower gel. It's zingy yet sweet, kind of like a lime cheesecake fragrance - but not sickly sweet. The bottle is huge so it's actually great value for around €12 - I bought mine two months ago and am not even half way through yet! It foams up really well and seems to be a pretty concentrated formula. Overall, thumbs up for good value and a seriously addictive scent!

The Some Like It Hot scrub is pretty deadly - a thermal scrub which warms up instantly upon contact with wet skin. It's a brilliant scrub, too, and the self-heating aspect adds a luxe aspect to what is a fairly affordable buy at around €13. I found I didn't need to use a lot of this at a time, and just as well, because my brother quietly took a shine to this stuff as well. He loves anything that sloughs off the rough patches on the back of his arms and it seemed to work well for him, too - not that he will appreciate me telling you guys!

Rounding out this trio of products is the Butter Yourself Body Butter. I had the Sugar Crush body butter previously, and despite loving it to the point where I was tempted to eat the stuff, I decided to try something different the next time. I do really, really like this - just like every S&G body butter I have tried, it is very moisturising and smells delish, but I don't love the scent quite as much as I do Sugar Crush. I really do recommend all of these body butters, though, they're great quality, you get loads in the tub, and they're and cheaper than the Body Shop ones!

Have you tried much from Soap & Glory? Let me know what your favourite products are!


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  2. Their hand food is the best hand cream I have ever used. And their hand sanitiser too- it hasn't got that awful stench most of them have.

  3. don't get me started on the Lime Crush range, I actually am dying for them to bring out a matching body spray, just gorgeous!!

  4. I'm addicted to the smell of the lime crush range. I love it so much. Amazing xoxox

  5. Just saying the other day that i have to get the sugar crush, have the original range and started to resent the scent.


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