May 09, 2013

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

Face masks form an integral part of my skincare routine, and I really cringe when people say they don't use them. Yes, we are all busy, but if you factor a mask into your routine even once a week, it'll make a great difference to the overall health and appearance of your complexion. Masks don't have to be done lying down in a meditative state - I can often be caught at home typing away on my laptop with a green clay mask on, and I usually treat moisturising masks as a night cream in order to get the very most out of them. See? Not so hard!

For the past year, I have been firmly devoted to the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It's a US drugstore gem which unfortunately isn't available here, but my aunt kindly brought me home five last year, and I have been steadily working through the massive tubes since (with the help of my little brother - sshh!). This is a really hardworking, deep-cleansing clay mask which smells strongly of toothpaste. I love it but am nearly out, so, decided to try something new - and a little more expensive - from REN.

The REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask is also clay-based, but feels extremely light and more gentle on the skin. The texture isn't at all heavy-duty, and the scent is a really relaxing lavender one. Every time I wash this off I am instantly happier with my skin; it looks fresher, smoother, softer and super-clean. My pores are less noticeable and my skin feels cleansed without being overly stripped or dry. Maybe this face mask could clean my room and do my exams for me as well?!

I'm really happy with this stuff and am now dying to try more REN face masks - especially the glycolic one! €20 wasn't cheap for me but, not incredibly dear either, and I can see this lasting me a good while as one pump covers my face well. The packaging is lovely and very functional - the nozzle has a little cap so the product won't dry up and block the pump. Nifty or what?!

I picked up this mask at Oh, and check out who I spotted in the garden while taking these pics!!


  1. The cap on the nozzle is such a great idea! Why have more brands not thought of something like this?
    This is a really great review, the product sounds amazing! When I'm finished using up my current face mask I'll definitely be giving this a try! I love the idea of less noticeable pores....they are the bane of my existence!!

  2. I think that's a fair price for what sounds like a brilliant mask I'm going to stick that on my list! And love the squirrel:)

  3. I am the queen of poresville, this sounds like something that would benefit me, I normally use a clay detox mask, but,it does nothing for pores.


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