May 03, 2013

Polar White Pro Teeth Whitening Glaze

I'm a big fan of very white teeth so, I am always interested in products which claim to brighten, whiten and improve the appearance of your smile. I was particularly intrigued when a sample of the Polar White Pro Teeth Whitening Glaze arrived, mainly because I hadn't heard of it before and I love the idea of having a whitening tool for on-the-go. 

The product blurb promises instant removal of stains caused by tea, coffee and red wine thanks to a new and improved whitening formula that contains Aloe, Pomegranate and Chamomile. Now, I don't drink any of the aforementioned drinks so, I don't suffer too much with staining, rather just some minor discoloration. However, I can attest that it does instantly improve the appearance and colour of teeth as opposed to it being a slow process like many of the whitening strips and gels are.

The immediate action of the product is a definite plus but, you do compromise on longevity as the effects are both very subtle and very temporary, hence why I don't have before and after shots like I have done for other teeth whitening reviews. At €24.99, this isn't exactly a bargain but, if you use it like I do, as an on-the-go top up for your teeth, the pen will last you forever so, over time it doesn't work out to be too expensive. I do recommend this but, don't expect long lasting miracles!


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  2. Sorry i have removed my comment by mistake white teeth increases our beauty so everyone want clean and white teeth so if we use some dental equipments then i don't think so that is bad for us but yes, we should take permanent treatment for this like laser is new revolution in dentistry so take it laser treatment. No pain by using laser dentistry treatment.

  3. Your product will help people to get effective teeth whitening solution. As you have mentioned that it will instantly remove stain from teeth so I am also planning to use it. I have tried many home based teeth whitening procedures but everything had gone in vain. At last I found your product on the web and I hope it will help me to get back my dazzling smile.


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