May 23, 2013

My YouTube Addiction

YouTube is basically my TV. I do watch a few shows online, but, when I'm really busy I much prefer to watch a couple of YouTube videos. I often play them when I'm doing my hair and make-up and I just can't get enough. The beauty community on YouTube gets a lot of flack and, while there are plenty of ''sell-outs'' with an overload of sponsored videos and filler content, there is still an abundance of talent, personality and good taste to be seen. We dabbled in video content in the past and found it quite tough to find time to film together, and then edit, upload etc so decided to put all of our effort into writing. I really admire people that make quality videos as it takes a long time - especially those who are juggling it with other jobs!

So, without further ado, here are just some of my favourite people on YouTube. Let me know if you watch these people too, or if you've any suggestions for more to watch!

1. LisaLisaD1
The Southern queen of ''hauling''. I think Lisa's channel is like Marmite, but I love her, I genuinely think she's a nice woman and find her videos really relaxing to watch! If you're not a fan of long hauls, do no watch. However, I find her content pretty useful simply by virtue of the fact that she uses and tries so much stuff. I always keep an eye on what she is using and loving at the moment because it is usually top-notch! Also, weirdly enough, Lisa's 'Friday Hauls' are literally part of my routine - both Sinéad and I usually watch them on a Saturday morning!

2. Blushingpixie

Kind of a Canadian LisaLisaD1! Martha is a stunning woman and like Lisa, uses the best of the best when it comes to makeup and skincare. She has fuelled my blusher obsession and I am in awe of her hair.

3. HollyYMBB

Holly is another enabler - I love her make-up picks especially for foundation and concealer as we have a very similar skin type. Her reviews are always really in-depth and informative, which I really appreciate!

4. JeanfrancoisCD

A Canadian make-up artist with a bubbly personality and some amazing blending skills to boot!

5. Rachel Whitehurst

An American college student who doesn't take herself seriously at all and shares my love for bright lipstick. Do not watch if you are easily offended!

6. ttsandra

Sandra is a high-end makeup queen, I love her picks because her skin type is quite similar to mine. Her look is effortlessly polished and I can only wish I looked as put together as she always does!

7. MakeupOverMind

I love Orla's chatty videos because it's just like sitting down with a friend. She has really similar taste in makeup to me and we are always lemming after the same stuff!

8. Leanne Woodfull

I'm sure most of our Irish readers will know and love Leanne - we love her too! Her sense of style is hard to beat and I love the pin-up element that she always channels!

9. TarMar

Tara's another total individual style-wise. I love a lot of her cosmetic picks and her glowy, natural makeup looks - she always makes me want to try a nude lip but I still can't find a shade to suit me!

10. LetzMakeup

Siobhan is a seriously professional, uber-talented make-up artist - we actually interviewed her a while back, so you can read that to find out more.

11. Sharon Farrell

Sharon's another Irish make-up artist who is now based in Australia. She has some great basic tips when it comes to brushes and technique, and she knows MAC products inside out so I am always interested to see what her top picks are.

12. Simone Loves Makeup

Ah Simone. A buddy of ours, Simone has just recently returned to YouTube and I couldn't be happier about it! I love her chatty videos and her enthusiasm for products is literally infective!

I hope you enjoyed this little synopsis of my YouTube subs! I also forgot a few so honourable mentions have to go to Gh0stparties, Thepersianbabe and Chelsea Wears. Let me know if you watch any of these channels and who your own faves are!


  1. Agree with all of the above! Also love pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge.

  2. No idea how chuffed I am to be included in the midst of all this amazingness! Hoping to film more in the next couple of weeks with most of my Master's stuff out of the way! :)

  3. I love YouTube too! Have I agree that Rachel is one of my faves- she's hilarious. And I've been a fan of Leanne's for yonks now! I have loads more favourites too and have been recently loving PersianBabe. X

  4. Rachel is one of the only yt beauty gurus that I'll watch! c:

  5. I watch Rachel, Orla and Leanne but I don't watch any of the others, will check them out!

  6. Love a bit of you tube its my TV too :) although I have to say when I watch too many "Haul" videos it makes me a bit greedy and think its normal to shop like that :) I love Dustyhunter (am in actual love with him) Sprinkle of Glitter and our very own version of Sprinkle of Glitter Karen from Lovely Girly Bits I love that she has started to make videos so friendly and funny


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