May 19, 2013

Colour Pop @ Style Club North Earl Street

I know that some people hate it and find it really boring, but I bloody love going to the hairdresser and have done since I was small! I've never been one for the beautician or spa (namely because I can't afford it), but I've always found going to get my hair done to be really relaxing and enjoyable - I think this is probably because, hand on heart, I have never had a bad hairdresser. I have never had a bad experience, and any damage my hair has encountered has been wholly self-inflicted! For years I went to a local Kris Morton salon and had absolutely no complaints. At about 18 I got a bit bored so switched to Peter Mark in on Mary St in Dublin city centre. I went there for ages and simply got bored again so, when Style Club opened near my bus stop in town, my interest was piqued and I found myself switching hairdresser once again.

I had already been to the new branch twice myself before I was invited for a free Colour Pop treatment at Style Club, so I was fairly confident that I'd be writing a good review. I booked in for the day after my exams ended last week so it was a really welcome treat. The staff at Style Club are all really welcoming and chatty and will offer you an endless supply of tea and coffee during your appointment, something that I always appreciate! Holly was my stylist and she was a really lovely girl as well as a talented hairdresser. She talked me through the treatment - basically, Colour Pop is a quick, conditioning treatment with an added punch of colour. Any shade of hair can use it and there is also a 'clear' one if you just want the conditioning benefits. The treatment leaves a brilliant shine to the hair which is particularly great if you have bleached locks.

Holly also cut my hair using both a scissors and a razor which I really appreciated. My hair is so thick and heavy that a quick cut can often look overly blunt and boring, but she successfully managed to thin it out without making it frizzy, and also gave me some really simple layers. I've found the cut to be easy to style myself (this is not always the case) and she took a lot of weight out of the mid-sections, meaning that I can dry it that little bit faster! Most critically, she also gave me an amazing curly blow--dry. Now, I am obsessed with the curly blow-dry. I'm not sure why I have never written about them here but, honestly, a good blow-dry always makes me feel like a new woman! So, if you'd never had one, I'd urge you to try it especially for a special occasion. I was starting my internship next day and as silly as it sounds, the fact that my hair looked good gave me one less thing to worry about. 

Colour-wise, I just had a brunette wash of colour and it definitely showed up as my hair was a bit patchy in places beforehand. I was most impressed with the shine that the treatment gave, though, and my hair still feels healthier than normal three or four washes later. Overall, I am pretty impressed and would get this again to supplement my colour. I really do recommend Style Club - I've already referred my best friend to the salon and she loved it too!


  1. Holly does my hair too, she's a lovely girl. Love the shine off your hair

  2. You should be a hair model Dee!

  3. That blow dry is amazing, it's next near impossible to get a good blow dry. My hair is naturally curly and that's how I usually wear it, so if I get a straight blow dry I look like a completely different person. I try to explain to hairdressers that I don't want the straighteners run over it or flat hair but often I still get it.

  4. Love the'stype club' been goin there when it was peter marks, service & staff are fantastic.


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