May 02, 2013

Clarins Splendours ~ Summer 2013

Clarins are incredibly generous with their samples to press and bloggers here in Ireland. This has guaranteed extended coverage and hyping of the products, but I know that some of you still aren't that attracted to the Clarins counter as a first port of call in comparison to, say, YSL, Chanel or MAC. I am somewhat of the same inclination, as most of what I buy from Clarins myself tends to be skincare. However, their limited edition make-up collections are just getting better and better (I would say usually better than YSL), and there is always an item or two in them that I know I would be at least lusting after had I not received them as samples.

The Splendours collection is awash with golden and bronze tones and there is a bit of a Mayan theme running through the star products, i.e the bronzer and the eye palette. Ohhh, the eye palette. This is definitely a stand-out piece and a good investment buy. I think it's the best eye palette Clarins have done so far - not only are the colours wearable, they're also extremely flattering and brightening. They work equally well together and on their own. The only dud in the palette, for me personally, is the purpley-black cream liner shade. I just haven't used it much as I'm much more likely to reach for a separate black or brown pencil or liquid liner if I'm creating an eye look with this palette.

Honestly, though, this is an amazing little piece of kit. I love the packaging, the quality, and the shades all in equal amounts. At €39, it is far from cheap but out of all the summer collections that I have seen so far, it is probably one of the most covetable, practical and usable items. I remember before I was really obsessed with makeup, I was not much of an eyeshadow person and just had the one Lancome palette (ha! I know...) and the shades in that palette were very similar to this one. Super usable, easy to whack on, and simple to blend. I'll stop babbling now, but suffice to say I don't think you'll be at any risk of buyer's remorse if you pick this up.

On to the rest of what I recieved from the collection. I've mentioned previously that I think skincare is Clarins' strongest suit, and this is perfectly illustrated by the Splendours Shimmer Body Oil.* This is seriously beautiful stuff. Again, expensive at €37, but if you like high-end beauty and self-pampering, you will probably use every last drop of this up. This is the perfect summer product; it smells divine, hydrates without being overly greasy, and leaves skin on the right side of glowy without a glitter or shimmer overload. If this kind of product is something that you use and enjoy, I would definitely recommend this as the best shimmery oil that I've tried so far.

Rounding out this lovely trio of products is something that I really did not expect to love. As it is essentially a lip gloss, the Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel* isn't my typical lip product at all. Just like the Lip Perfectors, though, this isn’t a normal lip gloss and feels exceptionally comfortable and hydrating on the lips. The berry shade is very complimentary to Irish skintones, and if it’s something that you will wear often, then €20 isn’t the worst amount to pay, although some girl maths will definitely be required! Oh, and it smells like blackcurrant jelly!


  1. I used to just buy Clarins skincare too, but since I've gotten to know the make up properly I've bought a heap of Powders, bronzers and lipsticks from the brand

  2. Clarins are extremely kind to us bloggers and having sampled a good few collections at this stage, I realised I had always greatly underestimated what a lovely brand they were!

  3. I love Clarins, all their products are just such high quality!
    I personally am not too fond of the palette, just because i don't think it would suit me but I love the look of the lip gel! mmmmmm blackcurrent!!

  4. The eyeshadow palettes in the collections always look divine!

  5. I've never tried Clarins but my best friend always uses their stuff, the price always put me off to be honest but the quartet looks gorgeous, so pigmented.

  6. Ill definitely buy the bronzer and there is a coral lipstick that have my eye on. Clarins always does stunning summer collections.

  7. Ohh! I've only just started delving into clarins. I wasn't really very aware of them until lately but their lip perfecters reeled me in and now I have quite a stash of their skin care and other bits. I'm so impressed by them! Their collections are always gorgeous!


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