April 09, 2013

Viva Irish: Kinvara Skincare

We love a good quality Irish brand here at Viva Adonis, and have been doing our best to support them through these Viva Irish posts for a couple of years now. Kinvara Skincare are based in Galway and headed up by a professional scientist. The products are free of SLS, parabens, artificial colours and perfumes, so when I read all of this, I was pretty sure we were on to a winner already. I was right - I think this is probably the best Irish skincare brand that I've tried to date. 

The Absolute Cleansing Oil* (€20 for 100ml) was somewhat of a revelation for me, as I'd never used an oil cleanser before. As my skin is blemish-prone as well as somewhat oily and sensitive, I'd always feared that an oil cleanser would just be overkill and stuck to what I knew for fear of upsetting my skin. However, I got along famously with this one - I actually can't stop using it.

It has a really fresh scent without being too strong and it's quite a light, viscous oil which emulsifies upon contact with water. It melts down all of my makeup within a minute and leaves my face 100% clean, fresh and super-soft. It actually has a calming effect on my skin - not what I would have initially expected - and I'm addicted it mostly for how soft and supple it makes my skin feel. I think it's amazing and would happily buy this again - top marks!

Unlike the Cleansing Oil, I had absolutely no qualms about getting stuck into using Rosehip Face Serum* (€28 for 30ml). I'm a massive fan of hydrating serums and this one came at the perfect time as I'd just run out of my Vichy one. Again, I did think that this might be a bit too oily for me to use every night - I do use some facial oils, but sparingly - and again, I was wrong!

This serum seems to contain the perfect mix of oils and other natural ingredients. It feels really nourishing and hydrating upon application, and when I wake up the next morning, my skin appears plump, healthy and balanced. My unruly pores seem to like it too, and my complexion appears to be completely refined, clear and so much healthier after using this regularly for a fortnight. In short, the best serum I have tried to date, and one that I feel will suit almost all skin types unless you are extremely oily and acne-prone.

In terms of quality, pricing, efficacy and ease of use, Kinvara really have the perfect balance and I would eagerly recommend this range to you all! You can browse their site, look up stockists and buy online here.


  1. I was a little afraid to use cleansing oils on my oily skin too, but one I bit the bullet I never looked back

  2. I was mulling over these in my local pharmacy the other day! I really liked the look of the Cleansing Oil, definitely adding it to my shopping list now. Actually I forsee a lot of my wages being spent in that pharmacy-it's a treasure trove :)

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