April 02, 2013

Skincare: Glycolic Goodness


Skincare is a passion for both of us on this blog and I'm always on the look out for the next best thing to improve my complexion. Just as with make-up, new skincare trends are always popping up, and one that has been hot for quite a while now is anything glycolic. Now, I am no scientist so please don't take my word as gospel, but my understanding of glycolic acid is that it is an ingredient which acts as a chemical exfoliant, which works great for anyone like myself with an uneven, scarred or dull skin texture. Everyone's skin is different and people will tolerate this ingredient at different levels, but, if you've not tried any glycolic skincare before, I would of course advise you to start sparingly and proceed with caution.


Product number one today is the Nimue Glyco Mask*. Truth be told, I really loved this mask but still have quibbles about the price - more on that later.

This mask comes in a small tube (10ml - the size of an eye cream), housed in an odd tubular contraption along with two compressed face cloths which you are supposed to use to rinse off the product when you're done. Now, I'm all about pretty packaging, but, this seems a little too much to me and, to be honest, I'd prefer to see Nimue focus on providing more product for your money rather than excess plastic.

The mask itself is great and I got three and a bit uses out of the 10ml tube. For €22, I suppose that's okay but not great either - if this came in a 20ml tube I'd definitely buy it again. It really did brighten my skin and left it feeling smoother, fresher and more even, with smaller pores and no resiudal redness. So I can recommend this if you're willing to spend a tenner or so per (really good!) face mask, but if you're looking for value on a cost-per-use basis, look elsewhere. I loved the product but am very reluctant to rave about it because of the price, so, just bear it in mind I guess!



Glycolic product number two is a Caroline Hirons inspired purchase. I adore Caroline's blog as much as every other blogger does and I only wish there were more skincare-specific blogs out there for us fanatics (although I also also love Pampered Prince). Now, on to the product in question - Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner - bit of an odd name, but it does exactly what it claims to do, so, no complaints really.

Caroline expains here what this product does, in much more eloquent and professional terms than I ever could. Basically, it's a very gentle exfoliating product (I use it every second day) but it's not in the least bit drying. I think this is one of the key products in my routine which has helped to balance out my skin type and ensures that it is neither too dry nor too oily. It keeps my skin looking bright, even and fresh without taking layers off it, and I've found myself using physical exfoliators a lot less since I purchased this. It's €30 for 125ml, so, definitely not cheap but I feel like I am getting great mileage out of my bottle - I've had it since the start of February and it's just over half-empty. Just like the Nimue mask, if you can afford, I recommend!

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