April 03, 2013

Sally Hansen Maximum Strength and Maximum Growth

The sun came out last weekend and I seized the opportunity with both hands to make the most of bright, natural light, hence the "cosmetics in the grass" clichéd shot today! The cosmetics in question are two newbie nail care releases from Sally Hansen; Maximum Strength (RRP €6.25)* and Maximum Growth (RRP €6.25)*. 

This duo makes some big promises for nail health and strength. Maximum Strength works on weak nails that are prone to tearing and peeling. Containing cellulose fibres to create a protective scaffold of support for the nail, Maximum Strength is said to make your talons stronger and less prone to damage in just one week. 

Maximum Growth on the other hand is intended to lengthen and fortify short, stubby nails, preventing breakages and splitting and encouraging growth. Formulated with triple protein and silk, Maximum Growth promises, again, to show results in seven days.

I have only been trialling these for about a week now so, I can't yet fully confirm Sally Hansen's lofty promises. However, I have noticed since first application that my nails feel less bendy and fragile when I have the product on as opposed to not. So even if the Maximum duo just offer temporary strength and durability to nails, that's more than enough for my flexible tips! 

It is worth noting that the formulas are both very thick and begin to dry quickly so, it is important not to load up the brush lest you be left with tacky, part-dried nails that snag and smudge everywhere! I can refute one claim in that the brand suggest that Maximum Strength is an invisible barrier for your nails when, in actual fact, it is a pale pink colour that gives nails a cloudy, dull appearance. Not a big deal for me but, it may be for you. 


  1. I'll be hunting these down for my mum! She's got the weakest nails ever! xx

  2. I've been using the Mazimum Growth for the last 2 weeks and I've noticed a massive difference in my nails.

    Dee x


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