April 26, 2013

Interview: Emma Farrell

Continuing with our MUA interview series, we've asked the lovely Emma Farrell a few questions. Emma is a seriously talented lady - if you don't believe me, just check out her body painting skills! You can check out more about Emma's work and her own blog over on

What led you to become a makeup artist?
When I was sixteen I wanted to leave school because I was fed up. I thought about maybe leaving to be a beautician or something. The only class I really enjoyed was art and I was also really interested in makeup. When I told my teacher about my plans, she suggested that I do a make-up artistry course rather than a beauticians course. She pointed me in the direction of a course in the Institute of Art and Design Dun Laoghaire, but you had to have your Leaving Certificate for it. So I stayed in school, studied hard, did a portfolio course and then applied to that course.  I didn't actually get the course in the end, but have ended up becoming a make-up artist, just took a bit longer to get here.

What is your favourite upcoming make-up trend for this year?
I love the bright neon lips as seen on Missoni, Prada and Moschino. It is a brighter alternative to the classic red lip and brings your make-up from understated to party ready in 2 minutes!

Top 5 products in your kit?
1.) MAC Fix Plus Spray - I love using this under make-up as a light primer and moisturiser. I think it is great for prepping skin and means that the make-up goes on easier. Also love to spray this over make-up if I want to give a more dewy finish. When I am flying I also like to use it as a re-hydration/refreshing mist. 
2.) MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - This is a fantastic base that makes your eyeshadow last and creates a nice clean base on which your eyeshadows can be showcased. 
3.) YSL Lip Glosses - Beautiful pigment and they smell divine.
4.) Urban Decay 24Hour Eyeliner - Wide range of don't budge eyeliners that I adore!
5.) Estee Lauder Double Wear Light - My go to foundation for my clients with slightly oily skin, when used with powder, it doesn't budge. It also doesn't give the dreaded flash back or cakiness as much as the original.

What has been your favourite make-up job in recent times? (could you include a picture if possible?)
My favourite job of recent times was doing the make-up for Mairead Farrell's contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest on The Late Late Show. It was great to work with Kasey and the backing artists to design the look and because they were such girly girls, we were able to be a little more adventurous. For Kasey we went for heaps of lashes top and bottom! It was great fun. 

Do you have a staple/favourite make-up look?
On myself I love doing a flick liner and statement lip. My eyes are quite deep set (read - a bit saggy!) so heavy eyeshadow is just wasted on me. I like to keep the eye pretty nude apart from the black liner and plenty of mascara...and sometimes even falsies if it is a night out. I normally partner this with a bright coral, red, orange or pink lipstick, I tend to avoid nudes or browny tones.

What product(s) do you think are underrated?
Not technically a product, but I seriously think that eyelash curlers are seriously underrated!! I think they are the best way of opening up someones eyes and making them appear larger. Also you will get more lift in the lashes than with mascara on its own.

Thanks Emma! I'm off to repurchase MAC Painterly now ;)


  1. Thanks for the interview, feel honored to be asked xx

  2. Absolutely love emma, as well as talent shed a genuine and lovely lady

  3. I really want to buy MAC painterly now!! I've never tried it.


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