April 12, 2013

Come Follow Us!

With the demise of Google Reader imminent, we have been scrambling to make sure we don't lose sight of our favourite blogs in the changeover. So, we figured it was worth updating you and linking you to all our social platforms in case you want to keep up with our daily updates of all things beauty and beautiful!

Bloglovin' is probably the best replacement for Google Reader. It is easy to follow blogs, keep them organised and see what you have missed out on. If you are an avid blog reader, you need a Bloglovin' profile! Follow us on Bloglovin' here!

Facebook is a great place to follow us for knowing when we update, as soon as we update! We share loads of realtime pictures and news on our Facebook page so, you can always count on the page for your beauty needs! Follow us on Facebook here!

Twitter is a mish mash of everything. Aside from updating our Twitter feed with post updates, we are always getting into lengthy convos with our followers on everything from make-up and beauty to TV and even the wonder of crisp sandwiches! Follow us on Twitter here!

Instagram is our newest baby and we are obsessed! We Insta everything, whether it be beauty or food, pretty landscapes or cute puppies so, if you want an insight into our lives outside the blog, you can follow Dee on @Deirdro and Sinead on @5inead!


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