April 30, 2013

Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan Mousse

We've reviewed a ton of Irish tanning brands on this site (Rockstar, Tan Organic, Karora Tan), and I have to confess, when Marissa Carter came out with Cocoa Brown last year, I was a little sceptical and wondered what she could possibly bring to the table that wasn't already there. We are spoiled for choice in terms of tanning here in Ireland, and I honestly believe that all of the Irish tans I have tried are just as good as, and often better than, massive tan powerhouses like Xen-Tan and Fake Bake. I think this is because a) Irish companies are working with the typical ghostly Celtic skin in mind, and b) we're great entrepreneurs!

Any scepticism I had about Cocoa Brown disappeared as soon as I'd used it. You can read Sinéad's review here - it's probably the best Irish tan on the market, and when you factor in the amazing price of €8 for a 150ml can, it definitely is.

Night & Day is Marissa's second tanning product, and just like her 1 Hour Tan, it has a pretty unique concept. The mousse is very high in pigment yet low in DHA (the chemical which develops a lasting fake tan), meaning that it gives quite a dark instant tan, and when you wash it off the next day you are left with a light glow. So, in effect it is not dissimilar to Rimmel's new Sunshimmer Instant Tan + Gradual Glow.

I've used Night & Day a couple of times now and I think it is perfect for me. Having said that, though, the beauty of this tan is that different people will be able to use this in different ways according to their own needs. If you like a deep tan and are stuck for time, you could use this for an instant colour before a night out. With the deep pigment and also the amount of waterproof instant tans that are on the market these days, though, I wouldn't personally be inclined to do so. What I have been doing with this is applying before bed and then showering the next day, and the tan I am left with is basically perfect for my taste and skin tone. It's just a simple glow to counteract the bluey-paleness of my natural skin, and I can build on this if needs be by tanning a couple of nights in a row or wearing an instant tan on top of it.

I found Night & Day pretty simple and straightforward to use - the mousse is super-blendable and the low DHA content means that there is hardly any smell. The only time I smelled it the next day was when I had used two layers before bed, which is understandable. Overall, I think it's a brilliant, versatile tan which is useful whether you like a light tan or a deep glow - hats off for Marissa for another innovative, great value product!


  1. So I think this is next on my hit list. Sounds pretty legit to me.
    Love the blog girls ;)

    Dee x

  2. Love the sound of this I didn't know she had released a new edition!

    Great review,

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Nicole, this tan won't be out for another couple of weeks but Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan is stocked in Penneys and pharmacies all over Ireland so, I would keep an eye out in those places x


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