April 07, 2013

1. InstaSunday

Between all of the beauty news and reviews that Viva Adonis entails, it can be hard to insert much of our own day-to-day events and so on into the blog. We wanted to make sure that you guys all still, well know us, so we've decided to start a regular InstaSunday post of some of our recent Instagram snaps. Instagram posts may be a little clichéd but, they are a fun way of getting a little more personal and a little less beauty-centric, so, here's hoping that you all enjoy!

Dee - @Deirdro

The Red Stables // Investigating my mam's beauty stash // Rediscovering Revlon's Fire & Ice lippie // China Glaze For Audrey // Weeping over baby sloths // Essie Tart Deco // Rimmel Kate Moss 101 lipstick // Sunny graveyard // Little Superdrug Haul

Sinéad - @5inead

Mini Bagels // Make-Up of the moment // Springtime // Pizza Dinner // My Tech Lab!! // Found in one pocket of my handbag // Snow... // and sunshine a week later! // Tropical Popical Mani


  1. Love bagels!

  2. I think that's a really great idea and love reading your blog posts :) Great job girls.

    Bec Boop

  3. Hey Sinead, what mac blush is that in pic two? And what mac lippie and apocalips are in pic 6? They all look gorgeous!!!


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