March 19, 2013

My Current Nail Routine


A nail routine!? Frivolous, I know, but fairly essential in my book. I think that, along with teeth and eyebrows, good nails can really make a person look polished and well-groomed. I literally never paint my nails without using a base and top coat along with a cuticle oil. It is a bit obsessive I know, but, I don't see the point of giving myself a manicure without making sure it will last and also preventing raggedy, dry cuticles. Since I've started using these three products together, my nails are looking better and better, so, I just had to blog about it!


OPI Nail Envy (Dry & Brittle version) is my current base coat of choice, and I am in love. I picked it up at the beauty show in the RDS a couple of weeks ago, and in the short time that I've been using it, my nails have grown and, more importantly, thickened remarkably. They feel seriously strong and I'm hoping that if this continues, I'll be reaching my goal of Katie Healy nails! My nails do grow quite fast naturally but, they tend to become a bit brittle and flaky and then have to be cut down so, if you find that yours are similar I would definitely give this version of Nail Envy a punt.

After a couple of coats of my nail polish of choice, I always, always, always seal with a top coat. I've finally jumped on the Seche Vite bandwagon and, what can I say, I'm about a hundred years late to the party on this one! This top coat is absolutely infamous and worth every bit of the hype. It dries super-fast and leaves my nails incredibly glossy. If you want to get the most out of your manicure, buy this!


To round off my manicure, I'm currently using Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle Oil*. If you paint your nails with any kind of regularity, you'll be familiar with how dried up and raggedy cuticles can get, especially through coming into contact with nail polish remover. I try to keep this in check with cuticle oil - mine are definitely far from perfect, but I know they'd be a lot worse without this stuff. The bottle is lasting me forever and I love the thin brush applicator. I'm not sure if this helps my nails to grow at all, but it does keep my nail beds in good condition which is always a plus!

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