March 25, 2013

Easter Gift Guide

As kids, it used to be a big occasion for my sisters and I to go to the supermarket and pick out our Easter eggs. We'd debate and deliberate for days beforehand as to what eggs would yield the most chocolate (Fun Fact: The best Easter egg I ever got was a Cadbury's Squegg; a one-off thick chocolate egg in the shape of a cube!).

However, as we got older, my parents started getting more creative than a store-bought egg. We had a number of years of Easter goody bags, stuffed full to the brim with our favourite small chocolate treats. We were sometimes given a small gift, whether it be a piece of make-up or a book and, most recently we have been given money to put towards whatever we want. We aren't huge chocolate lovers anymore and don't relish the days/weeks of overindulging that are so closely associated with Easter. So, this year I got to thinking, and figured I would share a few ideas with your for Easter gifts; catering for both the chocoholics and for those who may better appreciate something cute and quirky in lieu of a sweet treat.

While it may seem odd to give gifts for Easter and I am aware not everyone strays outside the realm of Easter eggs, it can be handy to have a list tucked up your sleeve. I mean, think about it, in Ireland, Easter spans a period of 4 days and over that weekend, you may socialise in people's houses or have Easter dinner cooked for you so, it's nice to have some kind of hostess gift at the ready in case the invitations start flying in!

For the chocoholic, I have three top picks this year. Firstly, of all the mainstream eggs on the market, nothing beats Cadbury's chocolate as far as I'm concerned. This year, Cadbury have released a trio of Thoughtful Gesture (RRP €13.22) eggs in Dairy Milk, Mini Eggs and Caramel which are deluxe sized eggs which come in a fancier-than-usual packaging and finished with a ribbon. The eggs are made of thick chocolate and come with an accompanying packet of chocolate depending on which variety you get. These are sure to keep chocolate lovers happy!

Another new Cadbury release are the now-famous Egg n' Spoon; thick chocolate eggs served up in an egg box and filled with vanilla or chocolate mousse. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't love these sinful treats and I think these would make an awesome gift, either for a group of kids at a house you're visiting or for splitting up and including in Easter goody bags! The Rolls Royce of Easter chocolate (and chocolate in general truth be told!) is Leonidas, the perfect melt-in-the-mouth Belgian chocolate.  Each year they release a variety of chocolate chickens and bunnies and eggs, big and small but, the luxury does come at a cost so, bear this in mind; the heavier the chocolate,  the heftier the price tag!

For the homemaker, anything that is cute and quirky is sure to be a hit when you arrive for dinner. Play homage to the season of sweet treats by gifting a mouthwatering scented candle. My current favourite is Yankee's Red Velvet, a yummy chocolate and vanilla scent. Another fun idea and one which is easily personalised is to buy a set of egg cups and fill them with Creme Eggs, Galaxy Caramel Eggs and the like.

For the girly-girl, any beauty or pamper products would make a lovely gift. At the lower end of the scale, budget brand Essence are releasing three spring fragrance sets (RRP €7.99) which contain one 50ml Eau de Toilette and two limited edition nail polishes, one cream and one glitter shade. For the bath lovers, LUSH have once again released a range of adorable Easter themed products, the cutest of which has to be Hoppy Easter (RRP €14.95), a bunny knot wrap containing a Fluffy Egg bath ballistic and a Carrot re-usable bubble bar. Finally, if you have cash to splash this Easter or just want to treat someone to something extra special, ghd have just released their Candy Collection (RRP €124), a limited edition launch of the favourite MK4 ghd hair straightener in bright, fun shades of violet, mint and lemon!

If all else fails and you are still left scratching your head, a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers like daffodils and wild greenery will brighten up anyone's day!

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  1. I work in Leonidas-the mini eggs each year are always my favourites! I've been wanting to try those Cadbury's Egg n Spoon but something at the back of my mind is telling me I won't like them so haven't yet! Cute Easter gift guide:) x


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