March 29, 2013

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan + Gradual Glow

Alongside learning about Rimmel's new Salon Pro With Lycra last week, we had the opportunity to try out the newest addition to the Sunshimmer range; Sunshimmer Instant Tan + Gradual Tan. Seeing the tube brought Dee and I right back to our secondary school disco days but, while the scent may be the same, the formulation is entirely different which, truth be told, is a massive relief!

March 28, 2013

Interview: Leonard Daly

Way back in 2011, we had a series of interviews with people from the beauty world called VA Investigates. We've decided to somewhat resurrect this by conducting a series of interviews with some of Ireland's best make-up artists. There is a serious amount of talent in Ireland and we feel that it should be celebrated and promoted as much as possible. Opening this series of interviews we have Leonard Daly, a prolific Irish make-up artist who also has a brilliant blog over at Leonard has his work featured on a regular basis in the likes of The Irish Times and Tatler, as well as TV programmes such as Xposé and Off the Rails. I think you'll agree with us when we say that Leonard's work speaks for itself!

March 27, 2013

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish

Late last week we were invited to the launch of a very exciting product from Rimmel. Salon Pro (RRP €6.45) is the newest addition to the Lycra nail polish collection and promises to give nails a gel salon manicure finish. The initial line-up boasts 22 shades with 9 of them developed in collaboration with brand ambassador Kate Moss (shades denoted by her signature). 

March 26, 2013

Guess Girl EDT


Sweet, girly scents have never really been my first port of call perfume-wise. Similarly, I've never been much of a Guess Girl myself, but I've actually come to love this fragrance quite a lot since it was given to me at an event a few weeks back. This scent is a new one for spring and was formulated to celebrate 30 years of the brand. There is very little to dislike about this perfume, from start to finish.

March 25, 2013

Easter Gift Guide

As kids, it used to be a big occasion for my sisters and I to go to the supermarket and pick out our Easter eggs. We'd debate and deliberate for days beforehand as to what eggs would yield the most chocolate (Fun Fact: The best Easter egg I ever got was a Cadbury's Squegg; a one-off thick chocolate egg in the shape of a cube!).

However, as we got older, my parents started getting more creative than a store-bought egg. We had a number of years of Easter goody bags, stuffed full to the brim with our favourite small chocolate treats. We were sometimes given a small gift, whether it be a piece of make-up or a book and, most recently we have been given money to put towards whatever we want. We aren't huge chocolate lovers anymore and don't relish the days/weeks of overindulging that are so closely associated with Easter. So, this year I got to thinking, and figured I would share a few ideas with your for Easter gifts; catering for both the chocoholics and for those who may better appreciate something cute and quirky in lieu of a sweet treat.

March 23, 2013

Blogging: Honesty is the Best Policy

This post is mainly aimed at our readers who are also fellow bloggers. If you have no interest in a non-beauty post, no worries, we'll be back to usual beauty content on Monday. However, even if you're not a blogger but, are interested in what goes on behind the scenes and in our heads, feel free to stick around and have a read!

So we've done a few posts at this stage about blogging - what works for us, our tips and our thoughts on the community. We are both quite opinionated people, but there is no place for negativity or bashing on this site. It's a fun space for chatting about products and pampering, and it's rare that we deviate from that theme.

Nevertheless, we can't always keep our mouths shut! This post is just going to be some of our thoughts on the subject of honesty and disclosure in the blogging world. We've touched on this before in You Blog and You Learn, but we both wanted to emphasise and expound our feelings on this issue by giving it its own post.

March 22, 2013

Sponsored Post: Our Beauty Wishlist ft. Littlewoods Ireland

We're huge fans of online beauty shopping. Not only is there a lot more variety but, there can also be massive savings to be made when shopping with e-retailers. While we have our usual haunts, we were surprised to learn that Littlewoods Ireland, the country's leading online department store, stocks most big name beauty brands including some of our old favourites including YSL, Elizabeth Arden and Models Own as well as brands on our "Must Try" list like Daniel Sandler and ModelCo. 

To introduce you all to the Littlewoods Ireland beauty store, we compiled a wishlist of products we already love and products we really want to try!

March 21, 2013

Face of the Day & Product Chat

It's been a while since I sat down and wrote about what I've been using on my face. To be honest, it does change quite a bit as I have a lot of stuff on rotation, but I have some firm favourites, and am also always testing new stuff. Suffice to say this is a mixed bag of products which made me realise that this would make a good chatty blog post - read on to see my thoughts!

March 20, 2013

Skincare Mash-Up

It's been awhile since we've had a chat about skincare which is weird since it is my absolute obsession. So, I thought it was high time we shared some new finds, tips and tricks with each other! Let me start by updating you on my skin. I think when we last spoke, I was having a foul time with dryness, irritation and unusual breakouts. Thankfully, that little hiccup is but a distant memory now and my skin has reverted to being largely normal with some odd patches of dehydration and breakouts that are few and far between. I can credit a few products with helping to maintain my skin in this state. 

March 19, 2013

My Current Nail Routine


A nail routine!? Frivolous, I know, but fairly essential in my book. I think that, along with teeth and eyebrows, good nails can really make a person look polished and well-groomed. I literally never paint my nails without using a base and top coat along with a cuticle oil. It is a bit obsessive I know, but, I don't see the point of giving myself a manicure without making sure it will last and also preventing raggedy, dry cuticles. Since I've started using these three products together, my nails are looking better and better, so, I just had to blog about it!

March 18, 2013

New Stuff

I mentioned in my Forever Favourites post that I have been working really hard to condense my make-up collection. I only have one face and I don't need to hoard foundation, blusher, mascara and lipstick like I'll never be able to get my hands on it again. When I looked at all the make-up that was languishing, unused, unloved and forgotten in my drawers and when I considered the amount of money I plied into feeding my beauty habit over the last few years, the realisation made me feel ill. So, I began a stage of purging, of reducing, rehoming and recycling products and my collection is a lot more streamlined and a lot more manageable as a result. I strongly recommend any fellow make-up addicts try it; it's so liberating!

With that in mind, I haven't been indulging in any cosmetic related purchases, solely limiting myself to  replacements as products run out and to those products which don't cost me anything i.e. Back 2 MAC lipsticks. However, on my trip to Belfast this weekend, I decided to treat myself to just a few beauty bits given that it is my birthday today and they were good value in comparison to euro pricing! So, I thought a collective "haul", if you will, was in order to show you the few bits and pieces that have come into my possession over the last 2 months or so.

March 16, 2013

Maybelline 3 for 2


I'm enough of a demon when let loose in Boots, but add a 3 for 2 deal into the mix and it's just bad news. The're running this deal across loads of brands at the moment - Soap & Glory and L'Oréal are two I can remember off the top of my head. I plumped for Maybelline this time, and I'm really pleased with what I got for my money!
Swatched: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer, SuperStay 14H Lipstick in Non-Stop Red, and SuperStay 10H Tint Gloss in Endless Ruby

March 15, 2013

The Tangle Teezer

I have a confession to make; I rarely brush my hair. Now, don't get me wrong, my personal hygiene is well above standard but, I hate brushing my hair. Given that it is very straight, it doesn't get particularly tangled so, once I brush it post-shower, it tends to remain in its natural state until the next shower. 

However, after reading approximately 4,737,891 reviews of the Tangle Teezer, I decided it was high time I gave it a go. It took me awhile to get around to buying one as it pained me to drop almost €15 on a hair brush but, when an Asos code dropped in my inbox, I decided to take the plunge and, honestly, I haven't looked back.

March 14, 2013

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation


So far for me, 2013 has been all about embracing less coverage and ditching the super-heavy foundations. I mentioned this in my Beauty Lessons post - I've found that, for everyday, I am much better off using a light foundation and spot-concealing any flaws rather than going in with a really heavy base.

It's no coincidence that my new love affair with these kind of foundations began just as they were really beginning to take off as a trend in both the high and low ends of the beauty market. I liked YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat, loved Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and now I'm back with a report on the latest 'light' foundation in my collection - Revlon's Nearly Naked (€13.99).


March 13, 2013

Lancôme Le Crayon Sourcils: A Disappointment

I don't like writing bad reviews purely because I hate when a product has let me down so much that it warrants an entirely negative write-up. However, given the popularity of this product in the beautysphere, I thought it was important that I throw my two cents in and give feedback that, for the most part, contradicts everything that has been said about Lancôme's eyebrow pencil, Le Crayon Sourcils (RRP €17.50).

Having run out of both my MAC Brow Pencil in Fling and Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde, I decided to pick up the Lancôme pencil in the lightest shade 010 Blond. Dee picked it as her brow product of 2012, calling it "fail safe" but, sadly, that was not the case for me.

March 12, 2013

Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask: Mammy Approved

A Review by Dee’s Mam…

Spring is a great time to try new things. After a long, harsh winter, my skin was well overdue a pick-me-up and I was more than happy to review this product after Dee sent it my way.

Enter Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask*. The anonymous-looking tube really does not tell you enough about the goodness within, so I’m going to fill you all in instead. This moisture mask includes natural ingredients like borage, St John’s wort, and shea butter. I usually apply a fairly generous-to-thick layer and it sinks right in, instantly calming and hydrating my dry and sensitive skin.

After 15 minutes, you wash off with a warm muslin cloth – or leave it on overnight for maximum effect. The result is deeply moisturising and slightly plumping. There is also a residual softness which, for me, lasts for a couple of days. The 50ml tube should give about five weeks of dermal happiness.

I will be repurchasing this and am very happy to recommend it to you all!

March 11, 2013

Specs Appeal

Dee and I firmly abide by a "Would we buy this ourselves?" rule when accepting and reviewing products. If it's not something that we would naturally  gravitate towards in our daily lives, we politely decline. Not only does this ensure we can give enthusiastic, passionate and honest reviews but, it means that this blog is full of (almost 1000!) posts which are a tight edit of products we genuinely like and recommend. We want to be a trustworthy source of opinion on the internet and we hope that the vast majority of you who visit everyday come and stay for that reason.

With that policy in mind, it was a very easy decision for me to make when Specsavers offered me the opportunity to try their service and select a new pair of glasses and to tell you all about the process. I was overdue an update on my prescription and my glasses themselves had recently suffered a nasty fall and were hanging on by a thread so, it was perfect timing!

March 08, 2013

Forever Favourites

Being a beauty junkie means that you're exposed to countless different products and brands every month. So, it's unsurprising that it is next to impossible to find "forever" products, that is, those products that you can't be without.

However, over the last number of months, I have been making a concerted effort to downsize my make-up collection and skincare stash by using up products I already have and not buying anything until I run out. Honestly, it had got to the point where the sheer volume of products was becoming overwhelming and, genuinely, sickening. As a result of my ruthless culling, I am getting to the stage where I have a really tight edit of products that I genuinely love, repurchase frequently and can't see myself ever being without. Introducing my Forever Favourites.

March 06, 2013

Essie Spring 2013

Last week we brought you the glorious spring release from Sally Hansen and, this week, we have a seasonal update from another of our favourite nail polish brands, Essie. Inspired by the favourite destinations of brand founder and Creative Director Essie Weingarten; New York, London, Paris, Munich, Tokyo and Rio, the six piece collection is bursting with brights and pastels, perfect for taking our nails through spring and into summer.

We have two of the six shades to share today. The bright blue Avenue Maintain* is inspired by the Parisian sky on a spring day while the pink lilac Bond With Whomever* is an homage to chic and cultured London.

March 05, 2013

MAC Show Orchid Dupe for €2.49


I remember back in the day (what an annoying phrase) when we started blogging, dupes were really popular in the blogosphere. Everyone went mad for the MUA dupe of MAC's Club and the L'Oréal Infallible shadows which are definitely distant cousins of the Armani Eyes to Kill! These days, we don't talk about dupes so much, possibly because the 'drugstore' bracket of makeup has expanded vastly in the past couple of years, both in terms of shade range and quality. When I received this lipstick and swatched it, though, it was so identical to Show Orchid that I just had to show you all!


March 04, 2013

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! Sunsheer

Last week Dee and I attended a wonderful event thrown by Coty, the beauty and fragrance giant, to take us though their big launches for SS13. One of the most exciting parts of the evening (aside from a Behind-the-Scenes video with our lady love Beyoncé!) was hearing that Marc Jacobs was expanding his fragrance line for the spring/summer season.

Instead of creating and branding an entirely new scent for 2013, Marc (his friends call him that!) decided to revamp and reinterpret his three phenomenally successful fragrances for the season and produced the Sunshine editions, a limited release edit of Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Oh Lola! These limited editions  share that same "something special" with the original scents but, incorporate fresh and fruity notes to make them more seasonal.

As I have mentioned before, I favour very heavy, seductive and musky scents or, as I call them, "manly" so, I would never have thought that a burst of sunshine in a bottle would appeal to me. However, when I saw that I had been gifted a bottle of Oh Lola! Sunsheer*, I decided to give something lighter a whirl.

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